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Smile Follow-up to my post about experience at Etobicoke store

This is a follow-up to my previous post about the Etobicoke store. Soon after posting my experience, I received a PM from Fuzzy32 who gave me his/her experience at the Mississauga store and also provided a contact (Paul H - not the same Paul that I had met at the Etobicoke store). With that feedback, I decided to visit Paul H. at the Mississauga store.

A friend of mine who has had experience in retail explained to me that customer service is all about the recovery - one can't avoid bad things happening, it's the recovery that makes the difference. I am glad to say that Paul has made a good recovery with great service and value.

On Sunday, I went in the store to listen to various Paradigm speakers about an hour before they closed. Paul explained that the speakers that interested me were not hooked up. It would be best to arrange another evening to audition the speakers (BTW, I neglected to mention in my last post that Bill did not offer to hook up the speakers that interested me, not then or later). He also provided some good advice about which rear speakers to buy given my wonky room for home theatre. I left the store excited that I'd finally get a chance to audition the speakers.

We arranged to audition the speakers tonight (Thursday). After setting up the speakers (another salesperson had sold one of the speakers), I auditioned a few sets of speakers. Paul pointed out the differences between dipole and directional rear speakers. Paul (and one of his colleagues) also advised me on which speakers would best match my older pair of 5se MkII. Finally, when it came to buying the speakers, Paul gave me a fair, if not very good, price. While there a couple of things to still sort out, I am confident that Paul will sort things out. I left the store feeling pretty good with the advice and price that I received (I was also really excited about having the Paradigm speakers).

All in all, I would say that I received good service and value at the Mississauga store. If I could change my vote, I would change it to Extremely Satisfied. I should also note something that Paul explained. The Etobicoke store is much smaller and is geared towards custom installation. The Mississauga store is much bigger and geared towards retail sales and some custom installation. Fair enough. However, if you are going to have a storefront, then you should be prepared for retail sales.
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