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Hello again,

Back from the cabin, with good and bad news. Using the 4228 and 7778 amp I could easily pick up CH 19 TVO, 25TFO and 41 CHCH but all these signals were from Sudbury. This , of course, was with the antenna pointed NNW. They are all very clear and make the antenna purchase worthwhile just to get Sat. Night at The Movies on TVO.
My television , as it turns out, is a poor choice fro DX'ing as it blacks out the screen if no strong signal is present. I also don't belive it has an ATSC tuner, only the NTSC type ( Rats!). Anyway, anyone have a brand and model number for a good set top atsc HD tuner? One that will not blank out the screen with faint signals.
I have an Advantest EMC Spectrum Analyzer good to 3GHZ and so I may just have a peek at the antenna output for any signals in the UHF range with the antenna pointed SSE ( Toronto)

I also intend to add a VHF antenna to pick up the many VHF channels available in the Killarney area. ( Sudbury, Barrie TO )

Thanks for your help.
Will post further results.
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