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Mediocre experience at Etobicoke Store

I live within walking distance to the Trutone store in Etobicoke (Kipling and Bloor - just north of Six Points Plaza). I was very excited when they opened about a year and a half ago. Being so close, I would visit on average once or twice a month.

When they opened, I met Wayne, a very good salesperson. When I had them, he answered my questions about TVs, Home Theatre, etc. When I just wanted to browse, he gave me the space to do so. Last boxing day, I purchased my 50" Panasonic Plasma from Wayne. So that's the good.

Unfortunately, I later found out that Wayne works at the Mississauga location. When Wayne was not in, I spoke with other salespeople. Last spring, when I asked Paul about upconverting DVD players, I received an elitist attitude and snarky remarks that I couldn't tell the difference between a good and bad upconversion. I asked about the forum posts that I had read about the macroblocking issue on some upconverting players. He said that garbage was often posted on the forums. Neither an informative nor pleasant experience.

In the summer, I had decided that I was going to buy the Panasonic DVD recorder (DMR-EZ27). Initially, they did not have it in stock (though it was on the website). No problem, I would check back another time. Well, over the next 2 months, I called and visited various times. After the 6th visit to the store (and numerous phone calls) to find out when they would have it stock, I gave up. I eventually bought the Phillips DVDR3575H. Not the same quality but at least it was in stock and had a HDD. As an aside, just before I saw the Phillips in the Best Buy flyer, I called Star Electronics. They had the EZ27 in stock and gave me a price on the phone. How does that service compare?

Not impressed with my experience in the summer, I finally stepped back in the store to look at speakers to build my Home Theatre. I have a pair of older Paradigm monitor speakers so I am hoping to find Paradigm speakers to complement my front speakers. Trutone is one of few Paradigm dealers in Toronto. My experience went something like this:

I approached Bill about finding out which home theatre speakers were in the Paradigm Monitor series and listening to them. Bill mentioned that, among others, there are the ADP-190/390 rear channels, the CC-190/390 centre channel, and the PS-1000 subwoofer. I explained that, from my correspondence with a Paradigm tech, I am interested in the ADP-190, CC-190, and PS-1000 to match my Paradigm 5se MKII.

I saw the prices on the speakers (ADP and CC) and Bill gave me the retail price on the PS-1000. After asking, Bill said that he could negotiate a price on a speaker package. I asked what the price would be on the 4 speakers. He asked when I was looking to buy. When I responded this month, he declined to give a price. When I said what if I wanted to buy them this week, he responded "that's what you are going to be like". I responded that if he doesn't want to give me a price then that's his choice (bad service but it's his call).

I explained that I know that Future Shop was having a "big" sale (Friends & Family sale for 19 hours only from Sunday 5pm to Monday noon). I would have to make the decision that Sunday night in the store. Hence, I needed to know what the price on the Paradigm speakers so that I could compare to the Future Shop (Energy) speakers. I asked whether he would give me a price. He again declined.

So I am left with a bad impression on various occasions. In this last experience, I wanted to know Paradigm's value proposition (sound and $) but the salesperson was not that helpful. I don't if I've got the wrong idea or if I did something wrong. If you have some feedback, I would appreciate if you would PM me (this is not the place to provide it). Anyhow, I find it hard to recommend the Trutone Etobicoke store. I'll be shopping at Kromer Radio for any Paradigm speakers.

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