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PS3 only cause I have the other 2.

Sad thing is my wife bought me one as a gift last week (40 GB version) but I returned it. Initially because she bought it from EB Games where I could not return it as soon as I opened the box and because at the time I was not sure if my 1080i projection TV did 720p and all the games would have been outputted as 480p, also she's at home with the kids so I really can't justify the purchase. Maybe next year

I was contemplating selling the Wii as I never used it (see previous posts...I did not like the Wii big time) BUT I decided to give Super Mario Galaxy a chance as it would be fun to play with my 4 year old son. The game is awsome and "feels" like the Mario that I remember from High school. My Wii survives for at least a few more months
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