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The spartan preamp is good and if its working no need to change it.

I would definately run new 300ohm wires as they break down over time outdoor especially exposed to the sun.

Clean the contacts on the antenna if you are going to reuse your existing setup.

Definately as stampeder suggested ditch the RG59 cable for RG6. Stampeder the Yagi that I replaced was a uhf.

Where the customer had RG59 I replaced it with RG6.

The customer was suprised the results was more than he was expecting. I knew there would be a big difference in signal strength on the digital channels and better analog reception too.

I had to rewire his in home distribution.

CM4228/9521/7775;F.RmJvc70FH96/8300HDPvr/Dish 612;B.Rm LC52LE810UN/8642HD;Study LG50PK550/Xbox360;

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