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i got an elite about 1 week ago at FS as a holiday bundle. it was ringing red so I exchanged it. how can I tell if I have a benq drive and falcon?

Wow, the Elite does not sound all that reliable either. M$ is shooting themselves in the foot by not ensuring there's good quality control beforehand. Guess that's why they upped the warranty to 3 yrs!?

As for the Falcon chip ... only way to know is to open up the console and look. For the Benq drive ... it's just a matter of opening the dvd tray and based on the shape (links have been posted here already).

Do you know if you have a Benq drive? As for the Falcon chip ... I guess I'll have to take my chance.

Hope this helps.

Petee C ... Good one! The pics are property of the WWW.LLAMA.COM web-site. They wouldn't be on your dvd tray.
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