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81omega - I know your an MTS employee, ....But on that same note...when MTS raises access fees, and raises bundle prices, you have to pay the higher rate no matter how much longer your contract is...even though it says on your original contract the lower price - how is that fair to the consumer...if you signed at a $6.95 access fee for two years - MTS should have sucked up the difference until your two years was over....should they not have based that logic? Wireless service is a monthly my opinion and in this case it was a decrease....ON THE SAME PLAN I AM ON... its not a different plan offering or name. I just hate when companies like MTS slash their prices just to make their quarterly reports look good - saying look we have 2000 new customers....whereas in the meantime....they have 2000 more angry customers because they don't care once you have signed that paper. So really that arguement has no basis.

Mozza - They gave me two options.... buy out my contract for 10 months at $30 a month and sign a new two year (meaning I would have 3 years left - as I have 22 months left right now).... or buy out the contract for $400, but I would rather not give them any money for services not I am just going to be the most difficult customer they have had for the next 22 months, and they are stuck with me as I am stuck with them. I would save $330 over 22 months if I was on the 9.99 plan at $15 less per month, so spending $70 more - yes I would be done with MTS.....but I will just be more difficult as a consumer and get my $15 extra worth of customer service each month. Ex. Call MTS.... "Hello could you tell me what caller ID is" - they tell me... sorry I don't understand.... and delay the call causing a longer wait time for others - meaning more angry customers from having to wait... I can do that 1-4 times a day... if it has to get down to that. *Just a little bitter - can you tell? lol

Steelers2005 - Sorry I forgot to mention in my original post...before I called the advocates office, I spoke to loyalty dept - direct line: 958-1896, and they were not helpful at all. They would not even give me the advocates phone number or a mailing address for MTS head office, I had to call back customer service, and get the advocates number (as in my original post) and the head office address which I can post later should anyone need it.

oldsaskatoonboy - That is one thing I will have to give rogers - their customer service is willing to throw many deals your way, whereas telus and mts don't seem to be that way as much, I wonder if it has anything to do with rogers being a cable company first? lol

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