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I am sorry to hear that, but yes MTS sucks. My son`s Rogers phone went into a Beer cooler for a swim on his grad nite, took it into Rogers service and a new Nokia basic flip phone was given out to him as a loaner. His phone is out for service and came back unable to fix due to water damage. His choices were a new phone at at greatly reuced rate from Nokia or a unlocked phone bought on on the internet.

Well my contract is up this month and I have been talking to Rogers and told them of my plight, low and behold he is getting a new Sony/Erricson music phone for $49.99 and a new contract (his contract started in July 2007 for 2 years).

Now that is what I call service, I think Shaw Guy that you should go public and make a fuss till their is no tommorow and then maybe they will listen. Hey MTS are youi listening people leave because you screw them. I for one will most likely never come back, been with Rogers for 2 years just sighned on for another 3 years, the above service success story is the reason why!!
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