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@Loni Stewart there is also a thread for the CBC Gem service. Note that CBC don't support the older Chromecast stick - you may experience issues. They support the round Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra plug-in devices.
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I'm getting increasingly frustrated with the Rogers Ignite App / Website. With Bell Fibe I was able to watch recordings from my PVR Remotely from anywhere in the world. I was also able to download my recordings from anywhere. It seems with Ignite, you're Geofenced and I cannot download anything or watch anything from outside of the country (I'm in Colombia on business right now). Does anyone know how I can download my shows from here to watch on my phone on my next flight or how I can at least watch from my laptop on WiFi while I'm here??
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You would have to connect via a VPN to make yourself appear to be in Canada, to download them.

I am 100% suprised you were able to do it with the Bell Fibe App though.
Bell could be in a lot of hot water if they are allowing it.
The content SHOULD be geofenced in that way, at least with how current licensing works.

The content stored/watchable via the app (live tv or recordings) the licensing is paid, to whoever it may be, who owns that licensing in canada for it.
When your in another country, that license be owned by some other country.
Which hasnt been paid, for it to be watched there.

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IDK, I switched just over a month ago and this is the first time I've traveled with Rogers Ignite in my house. I use my Slingbox to watch my recordings and tv from the hotel but it was way easier with Bell as I was able to download my recordings from the Bell app and it allowed me to watch online as well from my browser recorded programs (didn't work with live tv but that's what my Slingbox is for). Could it be something to do with the fact that Rogers has a cloud PVR and Bell records on the device in the home so the licensing is different? I travel to South America a lot and I would just watch all my shows from the hotel on my laptop browser and just make sure to watch once the recording is complete as that is when it allows me to download.
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My mom will be going into a longterm care facility. Rogers is the provider. I am faced with the choice between Ignite and Rogers legacy product. For a senior which platform in your opinion is easier to use Ignite or their older digital (Navigator) box.

I know Ignite is/can be voiced base - can that be disabled
I have seen the Ignite interface and it looks good - better then Navigator IMO
The Ignite Remote is somewhat simpler then the Navigator remote. Numbers are larger but are their any other third party remotes that would simplify things even more. ie bigger buttons and only key buttons like vol ch up/dn and guide. I know I can replace the Navigator remote with a third party remote what about Ignite.

Any pitfalls for a senior with decreasing cognitive functions for Ignite or Navigator.
I don't have Rogers but never found a way to hide unsubscribed channels permanently with Navigator when a friend had Rogers.
Can you filter channels (permanently) to just those subscribed with Ignite.
Can you filter the channels to only the ones you want to see ie no French or Sports without having to toggle through favourites.

The more I see my mom struggle with technology, even if it is just TV getting inputs fixed and Std Def vs HD , the more I realize that nobody who designs these things does it through the lens of an older person with normal or more advanced cognitive decline.

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Based on my limited experience with Shaw Bluesky which uses the same software as Ignite:

You have to hold a button on the remote while you speak into it, so voice recognition is optional in that sense. Otherwise, you can use the buttons on the remote as you normally would. I've programmed a Harmony remote to use Bluesky, so a third party remote is possible, but I don't know if you can find any of the "big button" remotes that support the Comcast X1 guide.
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It seems to me that voice control may be an advantage for many seniors.

SD vs HD is not an issue with Ignite since it's only HD.

TV setting issues can be less of an issue as well since it's HDMI and that often has the capability to control other devices using CEC This may include switching other devices on and changing to the correct input automatically.
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With Navigator you can change the guide to show subcribed channels only well at least until Rogers does an update or you have a power failure.For some stupid reason the channel guide being set to subscribed is reset upon those events. Go to guide press the red C button and choose what you want to see.
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Its seems every other day I have to reset the red C button to sudscribed. Its a real nuisance.

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I know jorgek, just one of the joys of Navigator.My other pet peeve was push the green button to bring up the weather but instead of pushing the same button a second time to toggle it off you had to push exit.
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So I have now switched over to Ignite as Bell was unable /unwilling to install Fibe.
Anyway my first impressions are it's nice, the boxes are small and pretty fast the user interface not bad. The installer who came wanted to use my network cabling to hardwire all the boxes (4) yet they bring a modem that has 2 ethernet ports.So I give him a 4 port wireless router .

So I have called into tech support 3 times now with no way to change my flex channels.Online gives me an error so I have opened a ticket.While talking to them I asked a couple of questions and was baffled by the answers.

First and I think I have solved this was the guide reverting to all channels daily instead of "free to me". I think I actually found that setting today, we'll see tomorrow.

Secondly and I really can't believe this is although you can pair the remote to my Yamaha soundbar and adjust the volume, you cannot control the power of it with the Ignite remote? I am stunned by this backward technology, my old digital cable remotes could do this.

Third is there a way to scan the guide by day? On the old digital you would press the B button in the guide and select the day.I have not found out if that can be done yet or not, maybe someone here can answer that.

Next up is my download speed which I went for the 150 but the fastest test I have gotten so far as around 90 with a pc hardwired directly to then modem.

Overall it is probably a step up from regular digital I will play some more with it.
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"scan the guide by day"

When viewing the Guide, push the remote's fast forward or fast backward buttons (1 or more times), to move to the next day or previous day's view.
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Thanks zforgetaboutit 1 problem solved.
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@pvj :

1. Lot of people have been complaining about not being able to change their Flex channels over on the Rogers forum. They have been PMing the mods to change the channels.

2. You should be able to power your Yamaha on/off. Click setup in the link below and add new audio. You may need to try several different Yamaha codes, but most codes are for AVRs, not soundbars:

3. I get 95 down on my 75 plan. You may not have been properly provisioned. Use the PM method above or use "share a concern".

4. Check out the various Ignite threads over on Rogers forum:

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I'm on the same plan with 150/15 and I consistently get around 200. Regarding the Flex channels when I first signed up it took months before it started to work properly for me, now I dont have any issues although I've had it since the beginning.
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