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Originally Posted by Norman_C View Post
I was offered, switching from Bell, savings of $85/month for 24 months. Net $120/month for Popular TV, 150 download, home phone with local calling only. $15 activation.
That doesn't sound like you were offered a deal on the new Ignite TV, but rather the current digital offerings.
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I agree. There is no 150Mbps internet offering with Ignite TV. It is a pretty good deal if you can tolerate using a NextBox for the next 2 years. I'm not sure I could do that. I'll be looking for something better once the current deal is up.
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A few questions off the top of my head, in case anyone knows. I presume Rogers has to come out and install the service vs. a self install? If you are upgrading from the legacy (traditional) Rogers equipment to IPTV, is Rogers taking the old equipment back? What if you own that equipment? How many IPTV terminals/receivers can you have on one account? Is it rental only or can you buy? Is the new remote IR or RF? Does it work with the legacy remotes? Also, I presume legacy hardware (i.e. Nextbox) will continue to be supported and updated or will it be like SARA with legacy support only?
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@alebowgm : Please check out post 1 of this thread since some of your questions are addressed there.

1. Yes they come out. No self-install at this time.
2. Yes, they take the equipment back if rented. You can sell it on Kijiji if you own it.
3. Don't know about the number, but I suspect it's a lot.
4. Rental only - $10/mo per box beyond the first.
5. Don't know about the remote being IR or RF, but it also has voice commands.
6. Probably won't work with the legacy remotes (1056, etc).
7. Nextboxes will continue to be supported until everyone is forced onto IPTV - perhaps in a few years. I don't expect any "updates" other than perhaps firmware if there are issues. Rogers is focused on IPTV. I don't know about SARA and how long they'll continue to support it.

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Some would say that Rogers has already withdrawn support for NextBox. Despite promoting ownership through a rent to own campaign, they won't repair owned equipment. Firmware updates are trivial at best, chaotic at times, without a significant number of bug fixes or improvements for some time. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of outstanding bugs that will probably never be fixed, many of which have been there since the NextBox was introduced. The NextBox hardware rights have been sold off to a holding company that likely has little expertise in the field and probably no interest in improving the product.

At least Ignite TV is using Comcast X1 equipment and software. Unlike the NextBox, the Comcast X1 platform is owned and developed by a major player in the North American cable market that will continue to support the software and hardware for their own systems for years to come. They also have significantly more capital to support ongoing development of the product than Rogers.

It's like Rogers took a page out of Bell's playbook but almost 20 years too late. Bell licensed Dish Network technology for their satellite TV service and has reaped significant benefits over the years. Among those are having the first PVR in Canada, the first HD PVR in Canada, a reliable source of affordable technology and equipment and financial benefits. For once, maybe Rogers has made a good decision regarding their digital TV equipment. Let's hope they don't screw it up again.
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We have a Nextbox and an ancient 8300 PVR not even HD. We have 100Mbps internet.
Reading all the above I think it is high time the 8300 had an 'accident' and was replaced by a new
Nextbox before one is forced into the new system. Perhaps one will be able to delay Ignite for a few years.

Some points not mentioned explicitly. If all the internet is wifi do rogers provide free adapters...capable of 500 Mbps...which suggests the have to be USB3. My main pcs can certainly manage 1Gbps as can my router ( just to one port at a time) buy I have not heard of a reliable 1Gbps wifi system yet...

And what about Ethernet. I live near to a major Uni and I purposely have wired connections to the machines that do banking and other financial transaction

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Haven't seen any specs on the router being used but I doubt the internet is wifi only. Even if it is, a compatible AC router could be placed near it to achieve at least 300Mbps throughput to feed the wired network.

If all the internet is wifi do rogers provide free adapters...capable of 500 Mbps...which suggests the have to be USB3.
PCs can use PCIe wifi cards which will usually outperform USB wifi adapters. Many other devices have wifi built in. Individual devices will typically make a 300Mbps, 150Mbps or slower link and real throughput will typically be less than half the link speed. Some newer devices might make a 600Mbps link with maximum 300Mbps throughput under ideal conditions. To get anything near 500Mbps or 1Gbps real throughput over wifi, identical routers must be used under ideal conditions.
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You are correct. A PCIE card in a desktop can provide all the bandwidth needed for nearly anything!

802.11ac may theoretically get close to 500 Mbps but I think not in practice especially if it has to provide signal the length of even a small house like mine...with its solid lathe and plaster.
Now if the demarc device can be placed in the middle of the house on Rogers coax which is already in place and has an Ethernet port, just one will do, it will be placed close enough for my tvs and computers...
I wonder if their built in router will have a bridge mode for the internet connections even if the tv boxes are WiFi.

As an aside I wonder if the " WiFi will curdle your brain people" will be up in arms with this....they have been quiet recently.

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Another concern I have is the router. The tendency these days is for ISPs to lock them down in order to make extra features like TV and phone work. Rogers is talking about adding lots of extra features to Ignite which could motivate them to lock it down even more. Rogers seems to be keeping quiet about what modem is provided and it may be proprietary to the X1 system. Until someone posts some details, we won't know about its capabilities.
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That would be very annoying. Now I have a 'naked' Ethernet wire coming out of the modem with V4 and V6 at 100Mbps+ I really don't want any more stuff from Rogers...except a bit more speed but I don't need that. The reliability of my Internet connection must be in the 99.99% range if not better so I don't want an ISP controlled router in the system.

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Based on what I'm reading here, this sounds like a total fiasco in the making.

From the price standpoint, I'm not sure that many people will be interested. And that may be a very important factor. Maybe Rogers will start forcing customers to switch, but that may be a risky game to play. Why not have high speed Internet only, in that case, and just use the ever growing online services (Netflix, Amazon, CraveTV, even sports channels).

Also, what are the real technical advantages of IPTV versus the old fashioned cable? I just don't see too many. I apologize if I'm missing something, since I admit that I don't know much about IPTV technology. Is the picture and sound quality supposed to be vastly superior to cable? To me, that is the most important question, speaking about TV.

The idea of storing your recordings on a cloud of some kind is not very appealing to me, especially if there will be a time limit of how long the recordings can last.

I just don't see too many WOW factors, especially with these projected prices.
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I see it as Rogers using pricing to prevent quick adoption by a lot of users. The service currently appeals to early adopters who are renting NextBox equipment. The equipment we own would cost over $60/mo to rent. The purchase cost was amortized years ago. As long as it keeps working or cheap used replacements are available it's a cost effective option. Renting Ignite TV equipment would represent a significant cost increase in addition to the service cost increase.

A slow rollout is to Rogers advantage as it will allow them to scale the system up and iron out major bugs in an orderly fashion. I say that with some hesitation as Rogers has not worked out nearly enough bugs in the NextBox hardware and development support appears to be approaching end of life as far as Rogers is concerned.

As long as Rogers can keep churning existing NextBox equipment as rentals, they will keep promoting them. Renting out 5 year old equipment at prices that return their original cost in about two years is a profitable business plan. When that stops becoming cost effective due to equipment shortages and high failure rates, they will start actively promoting Ignite TV equipment to new customers.
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I think the install fee will eventually get waived. They obviously have a plan, and I'm assuming they want a very slow rollout so they can monitor and manage the load on their own network, plus iron out any bugs that may crop. I had it installed and it took 3 hours. Labor is not cheap either. I think for now a self-install might just be a disaster in the making. On top of that the service is working quite well so far. Since I've had Bell Fibe already, this system is way far superior to what Bell offers at this time. The Netflix integration is nothing short of amazing. I'm still learning new features and nuances that I come across daily.
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Do you have any extra info on the modem/router and TV boxes?
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I bit the bullet and signed up. My install is Friday so I will be able to offer more info then.

I can tell you the pricing that was quoted to me which is not being discounted at all at this time nor are they willing to waive the install fee of 149.99.

Starter package with 500Mbps internet: $164.99
Starter package with 1Gbps internet: $179.99
Select package with 500Mbps internet: $174.99
Select package with 1Gbps internet: $189.99
Popular package with 500Mbps internet: $189.99
Popular package with 1Gbps internet: $204.99
Premium package with 500Mbps internet: $204.99
Premium package with 1Gbps internet: $219.99

All include home phone service with unlimited Canada wide calling and 8 features which is pretty cool if you're into that sort of thing .

I was told that for the popular package there are 20 bonus channels that are swappable. For the premier there are 40. I got different interpretations from two different CSRs on what that means. One said that there are 2 packages that have 20 bonus channels in each that you can pick from . . . the other said there are 20 bonus channels that you can swap with any other channels of your choosing in your lineup. I guess this will become more clear once I am an actual customer.
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