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Oh look new videos must be coming soon.....
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I didn't see anything different from that disaster we received back in July.

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I don't have Navigatr, so can't comment much on the Youtube video, but I did notice it still has the 13x2 alphabetic search matrix that requires more button presses and nobody liked.
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Unfortunately, I don't think they too anything that people didn't like to heart..

Really the only thing that likely was FIXED with it, was the glitches in it, like it wiping all NB2s, etc.

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I did notice the font size has increased on the channel labels below the channel numbers. But I don't understand why Rogers is still sticking to 5 letter IDs. Instead of HDCTY why don't they call it CITY T HD or CITY V HD for Vancouver etc. Keep the HD standardized on each HD channel and put it after the call letters.

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It would be better if they used a symbol for HD, like they do for some other things like "NEW" TV shows. If that is not possible, then use a different color like they do for unsubscribed channels. Since HD channels are now more numerous than SD, it makes more sense for HD to be the default and only mark SD channels with an SD tag. Sticking an HD or even an H makes the channel description too cryptic. Maybe they could use the channel logo, in addition to the name, as well. Rogers' guide info is just lame by today's standards. Other providers fit up to twice as much info into the same space.

Rogers could have used NavigatR to improve on the old guide but it has completely failed to do so. I didn't see one screen in the video that didn't have fonts that are too small and at least 50% wasted screen space. Just what is all that empty space supposed to add to the features? I can guarantee that I won't be able to read those fonts, even though they have been enlarged. It would be worthwhile if the added more channels, time slots or information in the guide but that hasn't happened either. What a canard.
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My 8642 got switched to Navigatr today (downtown Toronto).

Unclear if the process started overnight – but this morning, my STB would not respond to the Power button on either the remote or the front panel, first time I'd ever seen it completely refuse to turn on. Wasn't sure what was going on so I left it alone, but no change when I got home this evening so I unplugged and re-plugged. Sure enough, it did boot, with the new interface.

Reserving judgment on the UI for now, but at least my existing recordings seem to be intact.

Last edited by JoshG; 2015-12-18 at 07:36 PM. Reason: "upgraded" -> "switched"
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The Rogers forum thread stated that they were going to begin rolling it out again to the people who already have it along with some customers in downtown Toronto. They stated that the people in Toronto should have received an e-mail first - did you receive notification? (Check your spam folder)

New Nextbox Navigator - Page 137 - Rogers Community

Re: New Nextbox Navigator - Page 135 - Rogers Community

The Rogers Navigatr thread has morphed into all sorts of complaints about Rogers - some posts are somewhat useful, but most are just rants.

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@57 - I live in Downtown Toronto and woke up on December 18 with the Navigatr update having being pushed on my Netbox 2.0.

As I had not received an email advising me of this update and I had read about the PVR wiped horror stories with the previous version of Navigatr, I quickly checked my recordings and, apart with incorrect icons associated with some of the older recordings (e.g.CSI - NY for The Good Wife), all of my recording were there.

With a 60" TV, the font size for the guide and associated displays match those shown in the new Rogers video posted by ryandude_12345 and are quite legible on my 60" screen.

For your information, here are the values found in System Information and About:

- Software Version:
- UI Version: 17461/28392
- Classic Version: 60.00.16
- VOD - Tier 3 Version: 60.00.14

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Originally Posted by 57 View Post
The Rogers Navigatr thread has morphed into all sorts of complaints about Rogers - some posts are somewhat useful, but most are just rants.
While some may refer to the comments as rants, they also attest to the utter incompetence of Rogers! People are angry and justifiably so. You pay for a service that you are not receiving. Should you be happy? Is it any wonder why people are venting? I do give Rogers credit though - most of the rants could have been deleted by Rogers, yet they have let most of them stand!
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Hi Hooter. It's interesting to follow the level of deleting and edits the moderators make to posts on the Rogers forum. There are many things that the moderators have traditionally gone in to delete quickly - and that has been suggestions that unhappy customers should get together and launch a class action lawsuit, or swearing, or suggestions about better products that you could switch to - like paying $4 a month for Ooma VIOP phone, rather than paying an insane $40 or $50 a month for the same thing from Rogers.

But I think providing the forum for angry Rogers customers does provide Rogers some benefits. Having 'control' over the forum allows Rogers moderators to take some of the sting out of the rants, while keeping customers coming to a moderated environment to complain. I've wondered that if Rogers didn't offer their own forum - this one would become much more active - and plots would develop here about how to organize against Rogers and better 'fight' them for customer rights. Posts like this one (link attached) would begin to more effectively teach people who to 'wrestle with the bear': [Rogers] Internet $42.50 for 100 Mbps, $47.50 for 250 Mbps, Unlimited usage YMMV - Forums

So I suspect Rogers knows that providing their own forum can prevent angry customers flocking to another website where they can more effectively get together to complain and unite to stand up against the company.

An interesting observation about the Navigatr thread, however, is, during the last month, as it has gotten to over 1,300 posts, the moderators have been noticeably LESS active cutting critical comments from that thread. I think they've recognized that some customers are REALLY angry - and need a place to let off steam. And - in fact - I've been surprised at many of the comments that they mods HAVE left in place. The same type of comments were cut a month ago.
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Most of the stuff they cut from there.. while yes is stuff that may be 'valid'... its stuff that goes against the forum ToS (which technically every one agrees to when creating your account there... but no one reads :P)

That generally includes stuff on competitors. They generally will not remove stuff like people saying "Just go to bell/TSI/etc!" sorts of things.. but do remove often SPECIFICS of $ values, etc.
Truthfully I do understand that part. If you ran your own business of selling widgets. Would you want someone else coming into your workplace and shouting out the other widget guy's prices to your customers?

Generally for finding out complaints, etc.. I find it better to go to 3rd party sites like this.. vs any companies core site.. As they have no reason to specifically edit/remove anything, they gain no advantage from it.

I just wish, that for issues with the Navigatr.. there was a better way to make sure that that thread is SEEN by the right people.
You can hope that its being passed on correctly.. but there is never any guarantee.
Its like the BOSS needs to see its a problem.. but the complaint has to go to from the employee, to the manager. The manager doesn't want to look bad, to just tosses it out, the boss never sees it, sort of thing

I am just waiting for the day it gets rolled out here.. and I wake up to my wife being angry
(though we were in the last roll out area for the initial roll out, so guessing we will be for this one too)

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I've noticed too that the Rogers Community Forum moderators seems to have basically given up (on the Navikrap thread at least) in the last few weeks.
I was shocked that a post where I mentioned a class action law suit remains unedited after afew weeks. A few months ago they'd have been all over that like a dirty shirt -it would have been edited or deleted within minutes. They must be as sick and tired of Navikrap as their customers (victims) are.
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I suppose there has come a time for some of the Rogers forum moderators when they become tired of DEFENDING the garburator PVR. They start out with the 'company line' - but as they become more 'aware' and realize what is really going on (because they've been reading the thread), there comes a point - if they are honest with themselves - when, if they keep reading the complaints, they say to themselves - "Gee. These customers have a legitimate complaint."
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I for one am not taken in by the apparent caring attitude of some Rogers employees. This is a common ploy whereby Rogers agrees with you but nothing gets resolved other than you feeling better having vented to a sympathetic ear!
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