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I've been experiencing the DD dropout issue since I received my Netbox over a month ago. Several weeks ago I reported the problem to Rogers, who said that they're experiencing a lot of "software issues" and to give it a few weeks. Has anyone got any recent feedback from Rogers?
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I got a black screen on HBO2 last night. Had to change channels up and down a couple of times to get it back. I also get one second or so video+audio dropouts. Haven't been able to isolate those yet. The brief audio dropouts seem to be a NB3 issue.
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Drop on uts

Yep not our equipment , works fine other sources in fact have now re signed with Netflix through ps 3 they have more and better library now and 5.1 sound works better than ROD and
Hollywood suite no drop outs maybe could save a few $ dropping those

robinc-pn58c6400 strdn1030,sony ps3 ,energy spkrs,,1 x 8642 +ext,1x9865 harmony one location miss
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@#$% - I'm sick of this garbage firmware.

I just spent hours going to exchange my NB 3 (that was 95% full with programs that I would have liked to watch) for one that I had HOPED would work properly - and GUESS WHAT - the new box looks like it is going to crash every day like the old one did.

@%$^%#@[email protected]#$!^@$#%!#$#@!!&^^&$%@#!#[email protected]!~#@&^$%^#

I'm so sick of this piece of feces. I've got WAY MORE electronics in my house than almost anybody you've ever seen, and so I think I've probably used hundreds of different electronic devices over the years - and Rogers embarrassment that they call a PVR has got to be the most poorly designed piece of junk I've ever had the misfortune to use.

Oh - wait. I'm sorry. I lie. The NB 2 was the worst I've ever used. The NB 3 is just a faster version of this same pathetically written software.

This whole fiasco starts with a decent firmware that many of us grew accustomed to with SARA on the 8300. And then the NB3 comes along and has a glossy appearance AND MISSES OUT ON ABOUT 15 key features that I used EVERY DAY with SARA.

And then there were a bunch of just plain moronic design decisions with the NB 2. The default choice when you start to rewatch a program again is to START AGAIN FROM THE BEGINNING? Was this firmware designed by IDIOTS WHO HAVE NEVER USED A PVR?

And the bugs and reboots and crashes that those of us who were unfortunate to suffer through if we got the NB 2 when it first came out were just infuriating.

So after being tired of my NB 3 crashing and rebooting EVERY SINGLE DAY if I had the nerve to try watching a program while other programs were recording, I gave up on all the programs I'd carefully saved over the months I (TRIED) to use this box, and I took the brick back to Rogers and asked if I could have one THAT ACTUALLY WORKED!

The guy at the desk was appropriately humble and admitted that they were having a “software problem” with “some of the NB3’s” and he gave me a “new” box. Sadly, he didn’t have any of the remotes in stock that I like – the ones with the exit key on the right side of the remote – below plus and minus key. So my backup remote that I keep by the TV to control the box while I’m listening to the TV while I’m walking around the apartment doing other things continues to irritate me because the exit button I use so often is not in the place where I expect it to be.

The guy at the desk listened understandingly to me while I explained how I would like to force the old box sideways down the orifice of anybody responsible at Rogers for foisting this joke upon us – and he admitted that he thinks Rogers dumped this crappola on us because it was “cheaper than producing something that actually worked.” (his words – paraphrased)

So I go to all the trouble of carrying this junkola all the way home and miss some programs I’d like to be watching while the box spends half an hour going through several reboots – and then I get the joy of spending an hour or so going through A THOUSAND CHANNELS to pick out the 120 or so that are the only ones I will actually ever watch and program those into the box as the
ones I want to see when I turn on the box. (I guess nobody at Rogers ever had the sane idea of giving us an option in a menu choice to make channels that WE DON’T SUBSCRIBE TO invisible to us when we channel up or channel down.) No. That would be too much of a smart idea for Rogers to implement. They don’t value our time. Do they?

So I spend valuable time figuring out which channels below 500 are NOT duplicates of the HD channels that I almost exclusively watch, and I have to spend a lot of time gauging which channels I think I will ever look at. (I’ve spent HOURS setting that channel lineup again and again on multiple previous PVRs.) I guess again Rogers has never thought that we might value our time enough to be able to download our preferences to the internet and remember these choices in part of our account so that we can just copy over our settings when we have to replace our PVR.

So I spend more hours searching through the TV listings to program in my fave programs, and it’s now after 8 pm and I’ve got several programs recording – and I try to watch a previously recorded program – and GUESS WHAT? – I get a blank black screen.


The problem that I tried to fix by giving up on a hard drive FULL of programs that I’d saved and had wanted to watch IS STILL THERE. Lucky me. The problem with “some of the boxes” is a problem that I get stuck with in two boxes in a row. Sorry. Three boxes in a row – because my NB 2 was one of the WORST PIECES OF JUNK OUT THERE. I came to realize after I turned that “brick” in that the reason I had so much trouble with it is because it was one of the original early NB 2’s that had the smallest hard drives of the bunch. Just my luck. I get all the garbage.

Thanks Rogers.

And then I am so accustomed to this lunacy that what can I do but laugh when I notice that this stupid new block of coal is RECORDING TWO COPIES of a program I asked it to record. Two copies of the same program – ON THE SAME CHANNEL. How does it do that? And why?

Now I’ve got a headache.
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I think it would be better for your health if you just cancelled
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NB3 Losing Dolby Digital signal

I have seen some reports of the NB3 losing the Dolby digital signal frequently. I acquired two of the boxes about a month or so ago and I am having that problem. My Yamaha receiver does not have HDMI inputs so I am connecting the audio via the optical output. I have tried both of the receivers I have and they both behave the same.
I have seen mention that the signal is dropped about every other day, and I to have seen that frequency.
I have spoken with support and the final info that I have received is that it must be an incompatibility with the Yamaha receiver but I doubt that. I cannot ck whether i would have the same issue if I was using audio over HDMI.
I have also just returned from vacation after two weeks and I was glad to find that the receiver was putting out Dolby digital, the firmware has been upgraded while I was away and I thought that maybe the problem had been fixed. My son was home while I was away but would not have used the recording function or watched anything already recorded where I use it extensively. I am wondering if it is the PVR function that is killing the Dolby digital signal.
I am hoping this will be fixed, have thought of replacing my Yamaha with a newer model but from what I have read that Audio of HDMI might not be afix.
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Originally Posted by viper359 View Post
Neil: I also had that issue. My wife couldn't hear it, I on the other hand, was going insane! I had to reboot to get rid of the noise. I continue to have DD drop out, and have to reboot to get it back!

Have you noticed whether the Dolby Digital dropouts occur at the same time you have the 15.993kHz high frequency noise, or do they occur at different times?

PS - after testing the accuracy of the app on my smartphone with a hearing test sound frequency generator and a pair of headphones, it appears there was a very slight 7Hz inaccuracy - I believe the frequency generated by the 9865 is 16kHz.

Last edited by neilpalmer400; 2013-10-27 at 10:45 PM. Reason: Correction to frequency of sound generated by 9865.
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Now now now, I can't agree with you sir. How can you claim Rogers doesn't value their customer's time when they have introduced this wonderful new NextBox 3 so that if (sorry, WHEN) your box crashes it reboots FASTER than the NextBox 2 !!!

How can you claim that isn't an improvement made for the convenience of their customers?
I'm just puzzled as to why they don't push the advantages of the "faster reboot after crash" as one of the benefits of a NextBox 3 in their TV commercials.

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Yes, Neil, exactly. The ad should be that WHEN your box crashes (not if), you will only lose 5 minutes of each and every program you are recording while the box reboots, because the broken down box is now a faster broken down box that no longer takes 10 minutes to reboot.

AND, you can now miss out on 5 minutes of EIGHT of your shows that you were trying to record when the box reboots.

Oh, and when you try to watch the program that was recording when the box reboots - when you reach the part of the program that is missing - there is a good chance that missing section will cause your box to reboot AGAIN when it reaches the missing section of the recording.

Well, the new 130 firmware has been pushed out in downtown Toronto. I woke up a little after 4 am this morning to find my box reading cd 99, and I watched for about 2 hours while it went through the cd 00 to cd 99 process at least 3 times, and rebooted again and again. Some of the programs I was recording at the time did record, some recorded only partially. And some ended up in several pieces - with 1 minute programs listed in my recorded program listing.

Oh, and I just LOVE this new feature - sorry, it's a bug, where the channel that you tell the PVR to record is NOT the channel that actually ends up recording. The PVR defaults to the LOWER version of the channel. I only partially understood what people were talking about with this new "feature" until I saw it myself.

So, for example, my PVR is recording Daily Planet right now on DISCH - and I told it to record on ch 574 - but the recording actually happens on ch 42 - the lower version of DISCH - but GUESS WHAT ROGERS - I've erased ch 42 from my channel listings because I channel surf 99% of my time in the HD area of channels in the 500 range. (I don't want to have to look through 1,000 channels when I'm searching for programs I want to record)

SO NOW I CAN'T JOIN THIS PROGRAM IN PROGRESS, and I can't look back several minutes in a current program while it is recording - because I CAN'T SEE THE PROGRAM in the channel listings because I've hidden most channels below 500 that are duplicated in the channel 500 range. This is a BUG not a feature.

Now some of you may wonder why this is a problem. Well I discovered the pain in the @$$ part of this "feature" the first time I noticed this issue when I noticed it was 6:57 am and I knew that the 'Misplays of the Week' were likely starting at about 6:55 am on one of the Sportsnet channels. I had set my PVR to record the whole program, on a channel in the 500 range, and last week, with the 129 firmware, I would have been able to go to a live view of that channel, and hit the rewind button to go back 2 minutes and start to watch the beginning of the section of the program I wanted to watch (which lasts about 2 or 3 minutes), and then I would be done with it, and I could stop watching the program and stop recording it and delete it. (because the misplays of the week is the ONLY part of the program I watch.) But now I can't do that.

But I couldn't do that because Roger's has messed things up with this stupid new idea. I don't see any benefit in this 'feature.' Can anybody explain the advantage to me? I can no longer see the program being marked in my channel listings in the 500 channel listings range as 'being recorded.' This is a pain and SHOULD BE CHANGED BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS - when things WORKED. The PVR is now broken. Again.
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Thanks for taking the time to write all of this HDTVaddict. I find it hard to believe that a couple of months ago, I was seriously thinking of trading in my old 8300 PVR box for one of these Next Box 3's based on all of the positive reviews I was reading over on the Rogers Community Forums (from which I have now been banned ). Perhaps, now that you have thoroughly critiqued the latest piece of Rogers junk, you could move over to the Internet section and give us a review of the absolute pathetic equipment that Rogers refers to as Wi-Fi Modems or Home Gateways! It is getting harder and harder to stay with this miserably inadequate excuse for a company.
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"@#$% - I'm sick of this garbage firmware.

Now I’ve got a headache. "

Wow, nice rant! Sorry you're having so many problems but I have to agree...Rogers needs to stop trying to make a TiVo box and just concentrate on the basics of getting a PVR right first.
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Originally Posted by HDTVaddict View Post
Can you not go to your recordings list and view from there? Same for checking for future recordings - go to the list instead of looking at the IPG. I never look at the IPG for recordings on my 8300HD. My list is chronological.

Although there are some issues with the PVR (there are some issues on all providers), those people who are having constant rebooting problems, black screens etc very likely have a signal issue at their home or some other issue specific to their application. There are many of these newer (8642, 9865) PVRs out there now and my clients do not appear to have the constant (rebooting, black screens, missed recording) issues some people describe here.

I have contacted several clients to ask them about the performance of their 8642 and 9865 units. I hear little like I read in this forum, other than the "slower" performance of the 8642 when compared the the 8300HD if they had one beforehand. My neighbour's 8642 would not boot when he got it and that was an easy fix - I modified the incoming coax cables in his home to provide the proper signal to all his STBs.

Also, unlike the 8300HD, the 8642 and 9865 will not boot properly without a proper signal.

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Ok, so I ignored my previous recommendation a few weeks back and re-purchased a new Nextbox 3. I tried the first one a month ago but it suffered from video and sound drop outs so I returned it and bought a second 8300HD from the Shopping Channel instead. Unfortunately my trusty, 5-year-old 8300HD just died so I was suddenly forced to decide whether to order another refurb from the Shopping Channel or try another NextBox 3.

In the interim, due to a slightly weak signal in the high frequency range, Rogers recently ran a new cable from the street box to my house so my signal is strong -- pushing as much as 40 DB with average levels -3 and 0 dropped packets on both TV's.

So being awashed with hope I picked up another NextBox 3 to try. (Its an outright purchase -- I don't like renting nor rent-to-own so I only have 15 days to return it for a full refund).

The first few days everything was peachy, but then it started dropping sound just like the first unit did that I ended up returning. Sound drops out intermittently on all channels, but at least I'm not losing video this time.

My setup is NextBox 3->HDMI->Sony 55W900A HDTV->Optical Cable->SONOS sound bar.

The Sony supports DD5.1 optically, so no issues there. The SONOs is solid and I've been able to ascertain that the sound drop-outs have nothing to do with the TV or SONOS, and everything to do with the NB3.

The only solution seems to be to reboot the box which temporarily fixes the drop-outs. I now have to re-boot the box daily or even more frequently.

So do you think this a software problem? Is there anything else I should be looking at?

If I don't get this solved quickly I'm going to have to return the NB3 later this week and will have no choice but to purchase another 8300.

Comments and suggestions appreciated.
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From some others discussing it in this thread, it sounds as if the last firmware or two has issues with DD 5.1.

If your 8300 died, consider just replacing the hard drive and then supplementing it with an eSATA.
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Originally Posted by Garfield1573 View Post
My setup is NextBox 3->HDMI->Sony 55W900A HDTV->Optical Cable->SONOS sound bar.
Do you have issues if you connect audio directly from the PVR to the Sound Bar? As mentioned in the FAQ (bolding), going "through" a TV is not recommended, although some people have it working for their equipment.

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