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Rogers 8642 & 9865 HD PVR External SATA Drive discussion - See Post 1 First

From reading the Official 8642 HD PVR thread, I read that at least one user has attached a 1TB external drive to the device.

This thread is for the discussion of adding an external drive to your 8642 HD PVR.

Until this thread gets going, I would recommend anyone thinking of adding a new external drive take a look at our SA8300 External Drive thread for steps on how to add an external drive and some caveats.

Edit by @57 : Does the PVR not report % space properly? Many people have reported the % space doesn't seem correct (internal and/or external), especially if there is not a lot of space used - 8642 User thread. See the following suggestion - it may help:

Rogers 8642 & 9865 HD PVR External SATA Drive discussion - See Post 1 First - Page 5 - Canadian TV, Computing and Home Theatre Forums

The current firmware limit is 1.5 TB for the eHDD. Rogers offered a 1TB extender, but that is no longer the case.

The new NextBox3.0 (9865) seems to be the same as the 8642, so it has been included in this thread, however, since the NB3 has a 1TB iHDD and utilizes "Media Shrink", there is rarely a need for additional storage and very few people have added eHDDs to the 9865.

Note that you need to have a functioning iHDD for the eHDD to work because the index for the recordings is stored on the iHDD.

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I was using an Apricorn 1TB DVR Xpander drive with my SA 8300. I plugged it into a new8642 (500GB) and it has worked just fine, no issues. Of course I lost all of my recorded shows, but that was expected.

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Western Digital 1TB

I have a Western Digital 1TB expander (WDG1S10000VN) w/ sata port plugged into my 8642(160GB) and it works fine. You can get it at Best Buy.
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I read some reviews about the WD drive that you have and several people have mentioned flickering audio and video. Have you experienced this? Can anyone else share their experiences with drives connected to the 8642? I'm on the market for one now and don't want to rely on comments related to the 8300. Thanks.
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external 1TB and a few questions

HI .. Iam new here and thanks for all the experience. I decided to simply all and external 1TB unit that I stuck together for $101.
I used a Vantec NexStar CX NST-300SU-BK 3.5" SATA to USB 2.0 and eSATA External Hard Drive Enclosure ($27.99) and a Western Digital Caviar Blue (WD10EALS) 1000GB (1TB) ($72.99) from Canada Computers.
Plugged it into the external SATA port in the 8642 and cold started, took a couple of minutes to format and works great,

Just wondering has anyone got or know where to find a manual on the Cisco
8642 ? Is their a PC command interface simular to most Cisco HW ?
Is anyone off loading material fron the 8642 to a PC and if so how ?

Thanks again for all the great info

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1. This is not the thread to ask additional questions, it's strictly for discussing the eHDD application.
2. I moved your post here from the iHDD thread where you originally posted.
3. Here's the thread on firewire:

4. There's the sticky on copying to...

5. You should be able to download an operating manual from the Cisco website.

6. Thank you for your feedback on the eHDD.

Again, please discuss the various questions in the appropriate threads and don't take this thread off topic.

Here's a post useful for those new to the forum - FAQs, Search Tips, Optimization, etc:

57's Home Theatre (Latest equipment & photos)
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I have a Vantec Nexstar CX NST-300-SU-BK eSATA enclosure with Western Digital WD10EARS 1 TB Caviar Green Drive with 64MB cache (5400 – 7200). This setup runs very cool. With Western Digital EARS Hard Drives I jumped pins 7-8. If you have glitches, try jumping pins 5-6 to force SATA I. Most important, check your eSATA cable connection as this seems to be a common weak link. If it feels loose then replace it.

I was running this configuration on an 8300HD and then started getting glitches all over the place. I returned the 8300HD and asked for an 8642HD to replace it in Kanata store. Since then the 8642HD has worked perfectly. I have gotten maybe one stutter per night at most with dual recording and watching a recorded show. The stutter could be from Rogers itself so I am very pleased. Would recommend the 8642HD to anyone over the 8300.

My eSata WD Green EARS drive @$60 works great.
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External 1TB drive successful

I just purchased a Rogers 8642 PVR (160gb) from Audiotronic a few days ago. Great sale pricing this week at only $399. I was tired of renting my old 8300 from Rogers, and this unit will pay for itself in about a year and a half.

I wanted to expand the memory, so after reading many posts on this topic, I decided to give it a try. I purchased a Western Digital 1TB Caviar Blue Hard Drive(model WD10EALS) and a Vantec Nextar 3 SATA Hard Drive enclosure (model NST-360SU) from Canada Computing. Total cost of these 2 items was just under $100 plus taxes.

I have never done anything like this before, so I was a little apprehensive. After opening the enclosure and the hard drive, and following the enclosed instructions, it literally took me less than 5 minutes to put the drive together.

I powered up the external drive, and the lights all came on. I unplugged my DVR, and plugged the eSATA cable (included with enclosure) into both the external drive and the DVR. I plugged the DVR back in, and once it booted up and the time was displaying on the front, I turned on the power swith. A message came up on my TV screen that asked if I would like to format the external storage device. I accepted, and within 2 minutes a message came up on the screen that said "The external storage device connected works with this DVR". Prior to installing this external drive, the DVR "Recording Space Used" screen claimed that I was using 25%. After installing the drive, this has dropped down to 4%.

The drive is silent, and so far has had no negative effects on the performance of recording and playback. I have not used more than 160 gigs of strorage yet, but will post again once I have reached that level.

This was a really simple do it yourself solution, even for those of us who really don't know what they are doing with this type of stuff.

It was sure nice to not have to buy the Rogers branded 1TB memory expander for $250 plus tax.
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Expanding 8642 is There a Limit

I have an 8300 which I expanded using a 1 TB WD drive, no issue and I had it 80%+ full.

When I bought mt 8642 (550Gig) this weekend I decided to push it and install a 1.5TB expansion. I went with WD Green 15EARS drive. When I cold boot the drive is recognized and it asks me if I want to format. I say yes (little A button) and off it goes.

When I boot next, and this is after 12 hours, it says it sees the drive and asks me if I want to format. Been through this three times.

I saw in the post above about jumper pins 7-8. Does anyone know if 1.0TB is the limit or is this just the jumper thing. The drive itself says to use a jumper only on windows O/S's.

Thank you
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Picked up my 8642 from Rogers a couple of weeks ago (rental) when I got my new HDTV. After confirming it was 160gb, I recorded a couple of shows and decided I definately needed more space as we were going away for a couple of weeks just when the new season was starting. Bought a 1 tb WD drive and ESATA Aluminum case from Tiger Direct. Hooked everything up and with 52 HD recordings I am only using 32% of the space. Cost me $155 for the case, drive and esata cable. Just wanted to let everyone know they don't have to spend $299 on a 500 GB extender from Rogers, built a 1 gb one for about half that price. and it works flawlessly.
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HDforTV As per the link in post 1, people have been able to get 1.5 GB drives to work with the 8300, so it should work for this PVR, provided it's the appropriate drive/enclosure/jumpers... Note that "green" drives have been discussed extensively in that thread and that they have been the source of problems many times, although some people did get them to work.

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Thanks for responding. I tried the jumper between Pins 7-8 on the WD Green 1.5TB drive. No go. I couldn't find the discussion on the green drives so I went back to Canada Computers and bought a 1TB WD Blue for $69.99. Installed it by simply powering it on to an already on 8642 (by mistake). Within seconds the 8642 noticed the drive and asked if I wanted it formatted. I press the A buton and in less than five minutes it came back with the message that the external drive connected to the PVR was working. I pressed exit. Job done. The 1.5 WD Green drive gets return at a 5% restock charge.

I'm a little concerned that four and half hours of recording uses 4% of the disk. In total I have 1.5TBTB. Something is wrong or the machine doesn't calculate well with small amounts.

Does any one know how to get into the 37 pages of setup when you first plug your device in?

Thanks 57 for reponding.
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To get the diagnostics, press and hold the "Select" button on the box until the envelope icon lights up. Then Press "Info" on the box. Use the Page Up/Down on the remote to navigate the pages.
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the machine doesn't calculate well with small amounts
That is correct Sir.
1TB WD Blue
I believe you are talking about the WD10EALS. Just in case anyone reads this later, the WD Caviar Blue line of internal drives are EOL so supplies will start to dry up. A suitable (and slightly better) replacement are the WD Caviar Black drives.

WD Product Line
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Correct, it's the WD10EALS. Thank you all for responding.
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