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MTS TV and Starchoice

Hi folks...

Longtime lurker and have enjoyed the information I've found, but have not run into a problem until now. Hence, signed up and have come looking for your wisdom.

Have the RG2400 set top from MTS TV hooked up to my VCR which has worked fine. Brought in my Star Choice Satellite system from the cottage to the city thinking that since I am paying for the year might as well enjoy it all year round. Now my question is how to hook all of this up so I can view both the MTS and SC without having to connect each seperately to my VCR?

I had an old cable switch box from Radio Shack thinking that might work, but it doesn't; only the source that is connected to the A input comes through the TV. As soon as I switch to the B input, there is snow. Happens for both inputs.

If any more info is needed please ask. Thanks in advance...


Okay, did some more playing and I hooked in the MTS throught the SC ANT in hook up and voila it works. Now, anyone know how I might be able to record MTS on the VCR and still watch the SC? Right now whatever is on the TV screen is recorded.

Also, if someone has a better idea than what I currently have set up, please post away. I appreciate any ideas.

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