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Talking Configuration

how it works is that you can have:
2 standard DTVR's
1std DTVR's + 2 xtra set top boxes (max configuration) Due to bandwidth

For HD DTVR you can have

1HD DTVR+ 3 extra standard setop boxes
1Hd DTVR + 1 Std DTVR + 1stb Max configuration

all these can come with high speed classic (1.5 Mbps d/l)
have to check to see if all can come with High Speed Plus (5Mbps)

for thoughs that have have 4 Standard tv's YES you will have to give up one ot the Standard TV's to add the DTVR, so your max would be limited to 1DTVR + 2 standard stb.

Hope this helps out the community. if you need any help PM me. i will see what i can find out.
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