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Originally Posted by AvengeR77 View Post
Since you agreed the put the dish there in the first place. Star Choice will charge you $50 to relocate the dish. If the installer has to extend the lines another 10 feet each, then you might have to pay extra for each line that has to be extended. If he has to shorten the lines, then that's no problem. The thing is, the new place that you want to move it to might not be a good location and you might not be able to get signal. If that is the case and the installer says that you won't get signal anywhere else on the house, then you will not be charge for having the installer go out there.
When you are saying that the Customer might get the call for "Free", if there is no other location for the Dish to go for good signal reception, would the Installer still be paid for his time by Star Choice.?

Reason I ask is that in the Express Vu World, the Installer would not receive a penny for that type of call. I am just curious.
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