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Right on Hugh

I echo Hugh's thought's.

I'd also add the following... Quote from Judge Ito (O.J. Case)

'Carefull what you wish/ask for, you just might get it'


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I have to agree with the original poster. When I first got Videotron a couple of years ago, the service was excellent (I came from Bell, which was a nightmare for me). Now that they've attracted a lot of customers, they don't always put as much into customer service or just plainly caring about their customers (perhaps I'm expecting too much here! But as I said above, the service when I first joined was excellent). One of the things I hated about Bell was their sneaky methods. I called Videotron recently to change some of my channels and discovered that the plan I currently have is no longer valid. That is, to keep my "5 additional channels for $5" package, I need to add another package to my subscription. If I don't then I'm stuck with my "great" deal and the 5 channels I had previously selected. I did not receive any info about this (either letter or through the montly bill). I haven't done the math so perhaps Videotron is cheaper for the packages I currently have; however if someone comes along and offers me something better, I wouldn't mind switching.
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the CSR is not thinking of me as an honest person but as someone trying to find an "angle".
It is called negotiating. But my point I do not seem to be making very clear is the absolute minimal effort to retain customers that I experienced. Never once did I ask for anything nor was it expected.
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Well Hugh I agree that playing the pretend to cancel game is slightly dishonest but as others have pointed out it has become a necessary evil to get what others are already getting.

However if you read my 2 post I was not bluffing and have indeed canceled. I was just dissapointed at how he did not seem to care. I worked in retention for 4 years and I know that clients call to cancel and it was just a bluff. But many were sincerely dissatisfied or un-happy about something and felt they would be better served elsewhere not knowing that we could offer the same thing.
I worked for a cell phone provider and many times they were canceling for a better or cheaper plan not knowing we offered an almost identical plan. Sometimes they were just upset that over some intangible like bad service from a rep and even an offer of a $200 credit would not make them stay but many times listening for a few minutes while they vented made them realize not all reps of the company had bad manners.
short version is he not even try to find out why I wanted to cancel. maybe it was because I wanted National Geographic in HD and did not know I could get it with videotron. He just canceled me as soon as I said I wanted to cancel.
If I owned a company and my employees were this indifirent about losing a $100 a month client (minimum, not including PPV or passing the upload max on highspeed internet) I would be very un-happy.

Rolando Avendaño
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Why would you expect some 9$ an hour plus bonus call center employee to be anything but indifferent about you cancelling. Why would someone in this position care about videotron losing a $100 month customer. All they care about is following their script and meeting whatever bonus targets they have. If they don't have a bonus for saving clients who want to cencel why would they be anything more than indifferent if you want to cancel. You seem to expect this call center employee to act as owner or shareholder would. Its simply not realisitc. If you want to place Videotron for not having a better customer retention program for the employees to use place it there.

Last edited by Jake; 2008-03-21 at 06:33 PM. Reason: unnecessary quote removed
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Hi, first let me apologize for my grammar, my english is not the best.

I used to work at the retention department for Videotron and I have to defend at least that department hehe. As jemcleod said, threatening to cancel your services for some crappy reason will not get you far into getting something.

Let me explain how the process works:

1- A customer service rep receives the call and have to do a retention attempt on their side without any offer than the regular promotions (i.e. upgrade your internet service to high speed and get the current promotion on high speed) I admit it is rarely done, they usually find it easier to ship the call directly to retention

2- After failing at retentioning the customer the rep checks the payment history of the customer and depending on the credit note he have (good, average, High risk) they either proceed to the disconnection of the account if high risk or transfer to the retention department if good or average.
Of course regardless of the credit note you have if you have a disconnection for non-payment scheduled on your file the customer service rep will proceed with the disconnection.

3- If the call was sent to the retention department the retention rep will try to find out why the customer wants to leave, try to fix any problems that might have caused the customer decision and IF NECESSARY will give one of the retention promotions in order to compensate for the trouble the customer had.

A lot of people think that they have a bad service because they don't have the same deal than their neighbor or sister or grandfather or whatever but Videotron is generally giving you the services you asked for in the first place with the promotions of the period you called.

For everyone complaining that it’s not fair that a lot of promotions are given to new customers only, get your old bills out you'll find out that you've been a new customers too. Many people take advantage of the retention’s department promotions and are calling every year to get their little “candy”. Personally I think it’s dishonest and they are the ones being unfair to the rest of the customers who are honest.

That being said, if you feel you were not treated the way you should have been by any Videotron's employee, my best recommendation is hang up and call back. There's actually employees who cares about customers, I was .
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Well nemo rave what you described is exactly what I expected. However it is not at all what I got. Like I said if I was currently 3 months late or even a month late I would get it. Where I did retention we did not even treat calls that were flagged as "delinquent" meaning over 30 days late.
Our videotron account was current at the time of my call.
was never even transfered to anyone, he just processed the cancelation.
However regardless or credit history, regardless of payment history and regardless of how much they spent a month I gave ALL my clients at LEAST ONE retention offer.

Rolando Avendaño
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For both Videotron and Bell, we are merely drops in the bucket. I would imagine that the money generated from their TV services are small change compared to all the other ventures. And then for every customer that drops they know that another new one is coming in from Bell or Starchoice. We need them more than they need us...
Not entirely true, I recently dropped BEV for videotron after over 7 years due to some very bad experiences in the last 2 years.

BEV recently contacted me out of the blue to go over all my issues, she had explained that this is a special group in Bell to try and figure our why "good" customers left (I had a PVR, HD receiver, 0 late payments, ect..) and to win them back. Frankly the deal they offered me to come back is incredible, I'm very close to taking it, I am satisfied with Videotron service so far will remain.

On the Videotron side, they do have a a retention department. When I switched I had mentioned that i was thinking of leaving BEV and what could they offer, I was given about $600 in rebates for my illico receivers (they wanted my BEV receiver in exchange, but when the tech arrived he said he did not want them). So I imagine the same thing would apply to existing customers. If you don't get an answer that satisfies you go up the food chain, of course there is always they chance that you would need to leave.

All these companies have people on a higher level than the CSR's that recognize it is important to retain your good customers.
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I remember when they decided to place the caps on the Internet service last year, I called in to express my frustration. The CSR was then kind enough to tell me of a current "promotion" Videotron was offering - I could outright cancel the service without the standard penalty fees. I was completely flabbergasted at how it was presented to me - in no way had I implied I was interested in canceling the service, and he clearly felt like he was doing me a favour by telling me about this fantastic promotion. So yes, I would say their retention skills are lacking.
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i used to work for bev, and frankly, i cannot tell you how frustrating it was to have customers who had already received countless "save offers" on their acct and would call in to "cancel" their acct just so they didn't have to pay full price.

people should look at the price of something before they sign up for it. whether it be videotron, rogers, starchoice or bell.... if you can't afford it, don't get it....

eventually the retention offers run out......
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Thumbs down

people should look at the price of something before they sign up for it.
When I signed up, EV programming was about half the price it is now. That wasn't very long ago either. Most of the increases have occurred in the last 3 years when EV changed their model from customers paying close to full price for receivers to giving huge promotions to new customers and increasing programming prices to pay for them. I just want what I signed up for originally, which was a significantly better deal than cable after buying my own equipment. $800 for a receiver and $45/mo for programming was the original deal. $45 for a receiver and $800/mo for programming seems to be the way the industry is headed.
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$800 for a receiver and $45/mo for programming was the original deal. $45 for a receiver and $800/mo for programming seems to be the way the industry is headed.
LOL, that is way too true!

Rolando Avendaño
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Now get Bell expressVu and you will understand what is realy bad customer service!

Personally, the best move I have ever made was to cancell Bell telephone, cell and internet to get all my services from videotron. I've never had a single problem in more than 10 years now
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i tried to call videotron to ask them if they can compete with dell for the hd pvr but they basically told me they cant compete cause bell is a bigger company and the best they could offer was 150 off the hd pvr with a 2 year contract...bell is offering their hd pvr for 199 and the regular price seems to be there any special way to negotiate with them cause i will put up a dish but its a bit of trouble since im in an apartment (but will get much more hd channels so its worth it)
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Well I am about to leave Star Choice to may outages,
And I have Bell Sympatico put up by 5.00 every year almost
and A Bell fax line for Sympatico.
cost for above almost 200 per month.

Now I'll get all of the above by taking your place at 115 per month.

Loss one you gain one as said.

But is there HD Quality good enough, is my only worry.

I know the internet speed will be better so I am going to give them a try
if I like it all, I'll ditch SC a month later
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