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post #16 of 52 (permalink) Old 2007-01-10, 09:28 AM
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I seem to remember when Astral was preparing to launch their French-language HD channels they told distributors they would provide the services for free as long as the distributors didn't charge customers for the channels.

Maybe by charging an "HD access fee", they're not charging directly for the Astral channels, thus side-stepping the contract?

Makes you go hmmmm...
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post #17 of 52 (permalink) Old 2007-01-10, 10:10 AM
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I just received on paper the same message about the fee for HD, but in what matter I was concerned was the little 'trick' where is written that between Discovery documentaries there are national geographic documentaries (usually this was an unnecessary commentary...but they put it there!!)

So I called Videotron and they told me that they dont know if they ever can have National Geographic as another option to Discovery

What can i say, after this talk I am very concerned that Videotron added in letter that Discovery...'already' has some documentaries from National Geographic in the ideea that is not necessary to have also ...what the rest of Canada has or will have: National Geographic HD!!!!

I think from this letter(sent to everybody on mail or email) results that they dont intend to add NG HD!!!
In fact I understood there are like..only half of a QAM free for results they will add only one HD in the next future(until the next development of Videotron-network)

thats all folks!

Last edited by Jake; 2007-01-11 at 03:39 PM. Reason: removed 'Franco' comment
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post #18 of 52 (permalink) Old 2007-01-10, 10:55 AM
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I was also under the impression that I would have to pay $2.99 extra for nothing (I dont currently have HD Extra)....but now that I understand that I'll be getting HD Extra for $2.99 instead of $5.99...I'm happy!

Now we just need Showcase HD dammit!
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post #19 of 52 (permalink) Old 2007-01-10, 09:12 PM
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Videotron REALLY needs to fire the person that wrote the letter. I was also under the assumption that I would get nothing new for the 2.99$.
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post #20 of 52 (permalink) Old 2007-01-10, 09:23 PM
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Note: If you decline the $3/month you will not receive ANY HD channels even if you sub to the SD version. So say goodbye to CBC HD, SRC HD etc unless you pay.
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post #21 of 52 (permalink) Old 2007-01-11, 10:56 AM
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Just of out curiosity.. Aren't CBC HD and SRC HD supposed to be available for free, since they're public channels? Personally, I don't mind the 2.99.
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post #22 of 52 (permalink) Old 2007-01-11, 12:10 PM
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Not according to Videotron. I asked specifically if I did not pay the $3/month fee if I would lose all 11 HD channels I currently get (including CBC HD and SRC HD) and the answer was YES. I asked if it was ALL or NOTHING with respect to HD channels and the answer was YES again.
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post #23 of 52 (permalink) Old 2007-01-13, 12:24 PM
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I just subscribed to Vidéotron HD. The service will be connected on the evening of January 24, which is perfect since I'm still stuck with my non-HD ExpressVu service until February 9.

Vidéotron told me when I called that the HD Extra is canceled and instead I'll be paying $2.99 per month for all accessible HD channels. In my case it balances out since I only wanted a few of the channels in the HD Extra package and not all of them. And with all the other HD channels being immediately available if I subscribe to their SD counterparts, this solves a lot of programming issues.

BTW, my package is basic + 30 channels + Discovery HD. The 30 channel package includes free installation (normally $99) and a $30 programming credit in exchange for a one year commitment. The deal was more than reasonable considering for the same monthly price as my EVU subscription, I get the HD, I get to choose my own channels, and I'm not required to select any poorly organized "theme" packages anymore. I also have the option to alter the channel line-up up to once a month if needed.
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post #24 of 52 (permalink) Old 2007-01-16, 02:58 PM
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I though the letter was pretty clear. I was happy to get it and my wife actually told me I should and say something nice for a change. seems fair, I always complain when they mess up (99% of the time) why not praise when they do something good?

The letter even specified this would mean a $3 savings for me. Actually it will mean a $6 savings for me since I can now remove Rogers Sports and TSN. I don't watch those and was FORCED to add them in order to have the HD extra. Boy that had upset me!

All good for me

Rolando Avendaño
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post #25 of 52 (permalink) Old 2007-01-18, 10:01 AM
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The letter with the $3 savings was clear. It is the letter to those who do not currently pay for the HD Extra that is not clear. It states only that we will loose all HD channels unless we pay $3 more. It says nothing about getting more channels for my $3, only that I will LOOSE what I now get in my basic package!
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post #26 of 52 (permalink) Old 2007-01-18, 03:01 PM
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Automated phone confirmation

Videotron just informed me that the automated phone confirmation of acceptance of the $2.99 did not always correctly record the callers acceptance, so they are now calling HD subscribers individually...maybe some of you might want to double check with tech support.

They also confirmed, for non-HDExtra subscribers, that all HD subscribed channels (except Discovery) would become available overnight between February 7th and 8th.
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post #27 of 52 (permalink) Old 2007-01-18, 03:41 PM
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How about the Sherbrooke area, what HD ?

I just wonder what we'll be getting in Sherbrooke for that extra $3. We only have 6 HD channels. We don't even have the option of HD Extra, nor TMN HD or Super Écran HD, it's unavailable right now. Luckily, I also have StarChoice to view HD channels on my new Sony Bravia 1080p KDL46V2500. Hopefully, Videotron will inform us somehow on their web site on what's upcoming. Videotron is usually late in providing such information.

I've been using bigoranget reliable database to get info in the past. But he's redesigning it. We appreciate your database bigoranget, please make it available again.
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post #28 of 52 (permalink) Old 2007-01-25, 11:25 PM
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Well, I can forget the subscription to Vidéotron. The guy never showed up. Or he showed up early enough for me to miss him by a couple of minutes. Called Vidéotron twice. The first time they said to wait until fifteen minutes after the end of the scheduled time to call back. I call back again and hit a condescending and arrogant CSR who pissed me off so much that I simply canceled the whole deal right there.

Now I'm stuck with a Pace 551 I can't use (a $200 loss + tax) and ExpressVu will be canceled on February 9 (canceled because no HD is available at my location and they have too many bad simsubs).

I'm really fed up with all of this. Prices are going up, quality of service is dropping like a rock, and regrettably this latest incident has pushed me to actually consider more radical alternatives. This isn't right! This isn't how it's suppose to happen! A corporation shouldn't poke their clients to the point they just give up in despair!

It's almost time to take out the rabbit ears until I can figure out how to deal with this predicament. On the bright side, I'll have $60 more per month in the bank.
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post #29 of 52 (permalink) Old 2007-01-30, 04:18 PM
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Sherbrooke vs. increase

I live in Sherbrooke, Qc. and let me tell you that the HD package is less then minimal here.

right now, we have ABC, NBC, CBS, Radio-can, CBC and sportsnet

the HD extra is not available.

so now, I also received the letter informing me of the 2.99$ increase for HD

I called videotron to ask what new channel I will receive for this

She then proceed to tell me that this is actually a reduction from 5.99$ to 2.99$ with more channels available. I tried (and tried, and tried) to explain to her that the HD Extra in NOT AVAILABLE in Sherbrooke so there's no reduction of price , only an increase with no new channel (even the ones that are actually available in Montreal) which she finally confirmed to me but a few second later, came back with her speech about the great deal I have...

Tried to talk to someone higher with no success, left a message to call me back, no news from them...

So finally, not sure if Sherbrooke will get some new HD channels or not but I'm really starting to wonder if someone knows exactly what's going on over there.

so if someone knows anything about that, please let me know...


a videotron subscriber beginning to shop for Bell X'vue HD services
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post #30 of 52 (permalink) Old 2007-02-08, 10:00 AM
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The new HD Network access fee has been added to my account, but the extra HD channels have yet to be activated. Anyone out there have the channels, yet?

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