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I asked about some of these concerns too. I was basically told that these are features and that more feedback from users may change them... Just like requesting a new channel.
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As the months go on with Illico 2 I realize this should have been beta tested longer. I am trying very hard to "like" it but after spending a weekend with a friend who has Fibe I realize how much truly is missing with Videotron and I am not talking about stations but about the hardware/software. Not to mention the continuing problems I have with weekly recordings that are specific to Illico 2. which now they are telling me they are working on a patch for.

Those who have not migrated I suggest you wait or you may feel the same frustrations those of us who migrated are feeling.
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Rainey, I have to agree 100% with you. My sister has had Bell Fibe installed now for over 4 months and every time I visit, I become extremely envious of her setup. Multiroom, avoiding recording duplicates etc.. all is working flawless with Bell. I can only say that the only reason I am staying with Videotron (from a technology perspective) is because Bell Fibe is not (yet) available where I live. I was a customer of Bell Expressvu in my previous home and hated their support and billing but I am now more interested in having a technologically advanced working environment.

Samsung HL-S7178, Panasonic TCP50ST50, OPPO DV-981HD, PS3 40gb, Onkyo TX-SR674, Videotron 8642HD PVR, Harmony One
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the interface itself is amazing, but there are several bugs that are inexcusable. i can only hope that there's at least someone at videotron being paid to fix these bugs eventually.
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Does anyone know how to check if there have been updates sent to the terminal? Videotron mentions that the updates are during the night to fix some of the bugs but how can we tell?

Just curious to see when and if the system is being fixed and updated.
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Updates to my boxes happen at 3am.
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illico 2 keeps removing programmed recordings

Anyone else notice that illico 2 keeps removing recordings I programmed whenever the TV schedule moves their start time to 0:01 after the hour?

I keep getting these notices of conflicts for programs I wanted to record on Mondays and Tuesdays when I check my recorded programs stating that a certain program was "removed from the schedule" when in fact its start time was moved back one minute!

I haven't bothered calling them yet as I have very little faith in their customer service. Last time I did, it was because I suddenly had no access to on demand programs from TMN/HBO and the guy I spoke with kept insisting it wasn't part of my package, even though it was. Eventually, a reboot fixed that but I doubt a reboot would fix this annoying scheduling conflict bug.
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post #188 of 199 (permalink) Old 2012-09-30, 09:30 AM
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Well this is a new. I have all kinds of issues with recordings but so far not this.
I would suggest you call. The only way the programmers can fix this very buggy system is to know of the issues and work on them. If like me you can not switch for whatever reason it is up to us to keep on top of videotron. Do not let them push you, they keep claiming they have great customer service well make them live up to it.
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post #189 of 199 (permalink) Old 2012-10-19, 01:51 PM
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After switching to the Illico TV New Generation, I am now back to the old Generation menu. Since I downloaded the new firmware a few months ago, yesterday was the second time they changed my PVR. We've been having nothing but problems with the New Generation. Shows who would not record, freezing when trying to rewind and pressing play would do nothing until I pressed Live on the remote. The PVR showing us that it's recording but going through the list of all of our channels, there were no TV program selected as recording. Menu would play some tricks on us as well. Formatting the PVR worked only for a couple of weeks then it was back to problem city.

Anytime I called I kept telling them that that new firmware/software just wasn't compatible with the Cisco they kept telling me it had nothing to do with that. One Tech reluctantly admitted that they were having many problems with Illico TV New Generation and the Cisco while the others kept telling me it had nothing to do with the firmware. The technician who came home yesterday seemed to think that there was something wrong with the Hard Drive and he may be right as the unit was extremely noisy. He did nonetheless acknowledge that Videotron was having a lot of problems with the Cisco and the New Generation TV. As is common practice, he could not give us a new Samsung PVR as apparently they are only available in store, I guess at least until they run out of the units and then they will be available on trucks as well. However, he was able to switch us back to the old Generation.

Right of the bat, apart from being ugly, it is much quicker but only time will tell if we'll be problem free, at least until they force the upgrade on everyone and then who knows. I'm hoping that they will fix the whole thing completely before forcing the upgrade. At the end of the day, Videotron is no different than the gaming world or the software world where they will publish software that is often buggy and will then work on fixing those bugs. What better than a few hundreds of thousands of people testing your software to find all the possible bugs?

If the people around me are any indication, the problem really stems from the pairing of the New Generation with the older Cisco technology as my In Laws who have the new Samsung aren't experiencing any of the problems and my mom who has the Cisco but is still under the old Generation does not have any problem. My friend who has a Cisco and New Generation is also experiencing a great many problems.
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post #190 of 199 (permalink) Old 2012-10-20, 10:46 AM
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I think you are correct in that the Samsung handles new illico better. I had the cisco and had constant recording issues. I was fortunate that they replaced my cisco with a Samsung. I still have the odd issue here and there but not nearly as much as with the cisco. I truly think there are so many bugs that affect every user differently that videotron is having trouble keeping up and attempting to fix.
I have no choice to stay with videotron as like many people fibe is not available. But I can tell you those which have the choice are switching.
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Phalk - I have the same problem as you (got a CISCO 8642 yesterday) - I can filter the guide to "my package" only (which the old SA box did automatically while browsing and never while in the guide), but the setting reverts to "all channels" if I turn the box off. Any idea if this has been resolved?
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joeyberger- this has not been "fixed". Many have asked for it to be changed to save settings but Videotron's response is this is the way it was programmed and they have no immediate intention to change it.
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Thanks rainey. So despite having, what, 500 people working on this for who knows how long, they managed to break the one really useful function of the previous generation software? I guess they did add a weather widget and some movie posters for on-demand offerings. Plus search! Who doesn't love inputting text without a keyboard? And "one-click" recording, though it seems as if you need to click more than once (and if you change the recording buffer settings after the fact you need to re-set all your recordings).

Last edited by 57; 2013-02-15 at 01:28 PM. Reason: OT sentence removed
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Are you serious when you said that the technician was able to switch you back to the old Generation? Honestly if it's possible, I would like to do that too because I have several bugs with my PVR which is a Cisco. Do you have any idea how he did that? If you don't, is there a way to reach back that technician? Thank you!

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post #195 of 199 (permalink) Old 2013-05-31, 11:59 AM
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Benîtö, sorry for the late reply. I only saw this today. I was able to go back to the old menu. What they did is that the technician that was at my place to investigate the problem called another tech to ask him if he still had a box with the old menu on, which he did, and then they gave me that box and took the other one away.
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