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post #46 of 287 (permalink) Old 2011-11-03, 12:28 PM
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I am also a frequent writer to Videotron to complain of their lack of English HD channels.
No matter what I write or how I phrase my questions they always come back with their usual responses of all the HD channels they have recently added, their on-demand services etc.
Blah, blah, blah…cut and paste canned answers from pull down menu to get rid of this annoyance.

Videotron does not really care to loose a few angry customers to Bell Fibe TV.
They are after all a regional player who does not have to compete nationally like Bell.
As long as they keep adding French and foreign channels to keep their main clientele happy no matter how many times you call or write will not make the slightest difference in their mandate.
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post #47 of 287 (permalink) Old 2011-11-03, 02:29 PM
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So, let's recap.

1) Since CTV, Global and CJNT went digital OTA and high-definition, greater Montreal area Vidéotron subscribers experience simsubs on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox HD. There are no reason anymore paying extra to receive those US channels as they utility and usefulness is cut in more than half.

2) Simsubs are auto-programmed and someone at Vidéotron is paid to do that time-sensitive job: verify that the Canadian and US source are the same show, same episode, same time, but errors keeps happening, over and over, every week. It just not worth calling to complain, they'll NEVER pay attention, they'll NEVER be fined, they'll NEVER give you a "we're sorry" rebate.

3) English HD offering is poor and the majority of them are from a low-bitrate source. You've only been promised that these will eventually come around, but how long can you wait? It's not like they'll add 53 new HD channels tomorrow.

4) On-screen guide service is provided by TV Hebdo, property of Quebecor which owns Vidéotron, but it's filled with errors, wrong descriptions, it doesn't tell you when an episode is new, sometimes the start time on US channels is adjusted for simsub opportunities regardless, and every week you have to double-verify if your programmed shows in the grid are in red.

5) Packages are expensive. Custom 15-20-30 packages are way expensive, more than a dollar per channel, when you compare them to Bell satellite and Bell TV. The Movie Network package is 16$ with 2 HD channels while Bell offers TMN for 13$ with 4 HD channels, along with Mpix HD and the Superstations in HD, while Vidéotron makes you pay 2$ more for the superstations not available in HD. Why does it cost more for Vidéotron?

6) Still no multi-room PVR feature.

7) Come january 2012, not only will you pay 2$ extra for basic service without any reasonable cause, but you'll also pay 1% more on TVQ.

Off course, switching provider or going OTA only requires preparation, time, shopping for the best price, money is tight these days, having it installed, get used to the new lineup and functions, there's a doubt that your new provider will screw up or reception quality will not be up to expected, suspect a few extra fees will popup in your 1st bill (n/a for OTA), that you might be deceived in the end, you don't know if and how to get rid of your old Vidéotron terminal, and how much. But something for sure, you know you'll pay 24$ more to Vidéotron for your TV bill next january.
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post #48 of 287 (permalink) Old 2011-11-04, 12:14 PM
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Newest stupid thing the 8642 HD PVR does. There is a program that airs on W Friday nights at 11:30p-12:30am. The program guide splits it up by 1/2 hour and will not read the program as an hour so I get the program in 2 parts. How stupid is that!
I am sure come 2012 there will be many Videotron terminals on craigslist for sale.
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post #49 of 287 (permalink) Old 2011-11-06, 11:59 AM
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7) Come january 2012, not only will you pay 2$ extra for basic service without any reasonable cause, but you'll also pay 1% more on TVQ.
I got my letter this week. At least it was nice of them to give the phone number to cancel. 1-888-433-6876.
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post #50 of 287 (permalink) Old 2011-11-06, 07:27 PM
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Got my letter on Friday as well. Was going to make the usual call to complain bit figure I will save my call when I cancel.
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post #51 of 287 (permalink) Old 2011-12-17, 08:06 PM
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Over the last 2 weeks, some channels have been " temporarily unavailable "

They go away, then come back a few hours later, then go away again, then th...


- NBA TV HD (but no such problem with the SD version)

- NHL network

- ESPN classic canada

- Gol TV

(Sport channels, lol)

The first time it happened, I called tech support and they said the problem came from the source and that everything was fine with my signal.

So they thanked me for notifying them and opened a ticket

Has anyone else had the same problem?
This is unacceptable, you pay to have those channels but you can't even watch them
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post #52 of 287 (permalink) Old 2011-12-18, 10:37 AM
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Had the same problem with HBO HD, was down for a few days. I was ready to call them but it came back.
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post #53 of 287 (permalink) Old 2011-12-19, 09:51 AM
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Happened to a friend of mine with the NFL package. He was so upset he cancelled with Videotron and went straight to Bell Fibe.
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post #54 of 287 (permalink) Old 2011-12-21, 12:05 PM
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Hi all,

Here's my rant:

Manditory basic package: Have you looked at what the basic package is lately? Besides CBC, Global, CTV and occasionally Metro 14, there is nothing I find interesting. All those Music stations? I rather use the radio. Cpac and weather chhanel? I'll read the paper or its online version instead.

Therefore, the mandatory package am forced to get, which will increase by 2$ as of next month, only has 4 servicable channels (which adds up to more than 7$ a channel). The irony is these 4 are available via OTA in my area and in HD; whereas Videotron will charge a digital fee (despite no one being able to sub solely to analog cable), and an HD fee (lack I checked, Digital and HD signals are the and multiple receiver fee for something I can get with a coat hanger and has better picture quality.

This shouldnt be a shock to anyone when I say Videotron caters to its Francophone customers, but the lack of quality english HD channels is quite significant. Channels like the Western networks, which Bell has been offering since day one, isn't available and the list goes on. calling today to cancel the phone and television but keeping the internet service. OTA, FTA, Hulu, Netflix, Cinema Now and NHL Game Centre live (PS3) will suit me just fine at a fraction of the cost. My landline number is being switched to a VOIP service as we speak.

As for myself, I alsways paid the bill on time (180$ a month) and only called videotron twice in 5 years due to a defective modem. never called to complain despite wanting to and never wrote then am email. The two times I called I was also polite and I would think I would be considered a "good" customer but the truth is I never felt valued nor appreciated.

Cheers, K

Sorry Videotron but I rather keep the $$$ in my pocket than for a service than I don't watch.
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post #55 of 287 (permalink) Old 2011-12-21, 05:52 PM
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@Kraven: Basic service includes OTA channels and CRTC-mandatory-basic specialties, but it also pays for free customer and technical service, free technician visits (and their truck gas), the equipment required for distributing new channels, and so on...

On the other hand, I checked my past Vidéotron bills, and digital basic service was only 9.99$ back in 2002. Packages like Telemax and à la carte (15=15$, 20=20$, 30=30$) were way realist than they are now. We also saw a 1.5% overcharge since the last 2-3 years. Nowadays, price increases are about profits. Pure profits.

When you only keep Internet service and cancel all other videotron services, high speed (8 Mbps) and TGV 15 costs 10$ more. You'll want to consider wholesale.

CM-3020 with CM-7777
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post #56 of 287 (permalink) Old 2012-01-17, 08:40 AM
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Goodbye Videotron

There were not enough HD stations. I got fed up with them and moved over to Bell Fibe. The service and the price may not be as good as Videotron in the long run (This remains to be seen.), but the question is value for money. I am getting all of the American channels on basic service with Bell. This means that I can add channels to my a la carte choices. I am getting channels in HD which I could not get with Videotron because they cater to people who watch TV in French. Examples of HD channels I could not get with Videotron are Discovery, Space, BNN, Bravo, Food, History etc. Furthermore I have the Movie Network and for a couple of bucks more a month Bell throws in AMC, TCM, and several superstations all in HD. In addition the TMN on demand service has about 100 movies all in HD.

If you are with Videotron just because it is cheaper then you are wasting your money anyway. Anybody who has a choice should definetly be considering Bell Fibe.
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post #57 of 287 (permalink) Old 2012-01-18, 05:33 AM
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I was speaking to a Videotron Tech in July of last year and I had just got my new box Cisco so I said whats with all the extra options on the control O you will see in August there will be some big changes and more HD stations. So now we are in January and they are saying sometime this year. This is y I am on the Fence I have been approched by Bell Fibe all looks good many HD stations alot more then Videotron. So I know a fellow who said If I could go with Videotron I would so be patient I guess your reading between the lines.I was with Bell Satellite a couple of years ago cause I was fed up with the no HD stations so I switched o boy what a mistake everything they told me on the phone and everything I wanted I had to pay for not what they told me so Bell was out back with Videotron there was no dispute cause Bell customer service called me and apologized to me and you know sir you were on the phone with that guy for an hour and a half and you ask him a lot of questions to make sure I was makeing the wright move he lied to you alot and we are sorry just send everything back and it will be as if this never happened, So much trouble. So I want to enjoy all the HD thats out there so I am like you might get more HD stations.
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post #58 of 287 (permalink) Old 2012-01-18, 08:44 AM
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Bell Fibe coming to my area this month

Woo hoo - Videotron I am outta here. Just learned that Bell Fibe is coming to my area within the the next month. Hello Space HD, FoodHD, mobile app and multiple room PVR, goodbye crappy English HD selection and not much else!!
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post #59 of 287 (permalink) Old 2012-01-23, 07:12 AM
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Space, Discovery and Bravo HD have been added. Just noticed this morning. Yeah!
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post #60 of 287 (permalink) Old 2012-01-24, 06:58 AM
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Yeah but it's only a free preview until 29 February. Starting 1 March, the four channels will be available as part of the Custom, Anglo, Telemax, Telemax+ and Mega packages, or a la carte.
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