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Let me put this thing out there and be a little political.

Quebecor's majority owner - who still refuses to sell his shares - is now a candidate of a separatist party and his explicit aspiration is to make Quebec an independent country separate from Canada.

Are you keeping your Videotron services?
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It's too early yet for that. I'll have to wait after the elections and see whose elected.
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Angry PK Peladeau Hypocrite


I have been ditching Videotron services way before this. Just have mobile left as I am still on contract. I have experienced Videotron's policies and business practices. I have never seen any other company do certain things that Videotron does.

When Quebec mayor Regis Lebaume came out with that Loi Baillon concerning the Arena in Quebec City, I knew that the Videotron deal was not on the up and up. I don't think Lebaume heard any other offers than that of Peladeau.

1)Now, to PK Peladeau. In the summer he said he wanted to spend more time with his family unlike his father. So he left the reigns to Robert Despatie.

2) Lo and behold, Pauline Marois annonces that PK Peldadeau has been hired by Hydro Quebec. Shortly after Hydro Quebec asks for a 5.8% increase!!! Since when does Hydro ask for that much? IMHO, PK Peladeau had something to do with that.

3)And 4 months later Pauline Marois annonces Peladeau as a PQ candidate.

So 1,2,3 all within 9-10 months more or less!!

Just proves that PK Peladeau is Greedy,Controlling and Hyprocritical.

14 lock-outs!!

Man, I can go on and on. The list is endless. Like I said. I never seen a company act the way they do and get away with it.

PK Peladeau has everything under his thumb.
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Most probably I will ditch the cable and intenet, home phones, fax line.
might keep the mobile as its the best plan around for me in my area,
although will look to see what others have to offer.
Dont want my hard earned money going to them.
Still a little early, They sure are rambling on about country without boarders, passports or own money, kind of like it is now actually, lol
Still no majority wants anything to do with seperation, so no worries about that yet. If that ever happened I would def leave, no matter the cost, I would leave!!
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We are walking a fine line here folks. Keep it respectable and it can continue.

For the record I ended all my Videotron services a few years ago but only for economical reasons and a long list of billing and service mistakes.
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I too left Videotron for the same reasons as you.

And also for the same reason I still have mobile with them. Their mobile plans were not very good when they started. I had the urban Zone plan with 50 Megs of data. Then suddenly, last summer they started offering good plans and I swithed my plan.
I guess they finally figured they could not grow bu pricing their data at $40 for 5Gigs.

Having said that, the 3 sub brands from the Big 3 offer some good Canada Wise plans.
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I have my cell with Telus, Internet with electronic box and TV with videotron. I'm about to cut the cord as they say but nothing to do with the political situation.
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I have to admit that I'm a little miffed about PKP joining the Party Québécois but at the same time, I don't really have any complaints with the products I'm subscribing to. Sure I have had some problems with the PVR but I've had problems with Bell Expressvu as well before I switched back to Vidéotron. Next to no down time with the internet which was a regular occurrence with Sympatico. Phone works great as well as mobile although coverage is not as wide as the other guys. Since I don't travel much outside of the Gatineau/Ottawa area, the service suits me perfectly and is cheaper than anything else out there. Customer service has been superb for me so far except for one occasion where the CS seemed to think I was "retarded" or something.

I've checked Bell Fibe recently and at the end of the day I wouldn't be saving much if anything if I migrated my cable, phone, internet and 3 mobiles over, so for me I don't think it's worth the hassle. The only thing that I don't like is that for VOD on Videotron, you're hard pressed to find HD content outside of TVA. HBO for exemple is pretty much SD programming. Not sure what it is like with the other service providers though.
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Smile Bye bye videotron!!

Had Videtron Internet and ditched that last summer.

Finally ditched their mobile 2 weeks ago.

Now I am paying less and getting more.
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Sorry for the late reply;

Bell's intro video to Fibe TV effectively sums up the basics (and just the basics) about what makes Fibe TV vastly superior to Illico NG.

Now, I can add that from my own use of Fibe TV and Fibe Internet (at friend's) I can say this, unequivocally:

Fibe TV is faster and more fluid. There is very little interface lag and the transitions are smooth. Illico 2.0 is slow and choppy. Navigating through menus is delayed and frustrating. Managing the PVR takes forever, frequently taking at up to 3 seconds before responding. Fibe TV does not suffer this.

Record more than 2 channels at a time. Can't do this on Illico.

Huge and fluid VOD. As noted with Illico as a whole, VOD on Illico is slow. So slow in fact that I stopped trying to use it because trying to find what you want took forever, is poorly organized and has a crappy selection. The experience on Fibe is smooth and seamless and there are actually movies to choose from!

Hugely superior interface. Aside from the noted slowness and fluidity issues, the interface on Fibe is more useful and easy to use. You can see more channels at a time, you can more easily preview channels while scrolling (without using the guide). The Guide itself is better with the way it presents information. Also, and this has long been a gripe with Videotron's guide, the Bell guide is ACCURATE. It can distinguish between new and old episodes and will TELL YOU what's new. The PVR on Illico can make the distinction, however you will never know what episode is new just by looking at the guide. Program descriptions with Bell are also complete and accurate (as in, it tells me about the show and the info is right); only (some) first run shows on Illico get useful program descriptions and good luck if that information is present in the future). I hate the generic 'tells you nothing' descriptions on Illico. I see far few of those on Fibe.

You can still listen to what you're watching when in other menus. I hate this about Illico. When I go to the PVR everything stops. Sometimes I just want to browse without stopping my show. With Illico when you go into the PVR menu all sound and TV is lost until you exit. Not the case with Fibe.

Channel content. Fibe's English HD offering puts Videotron to shame. Regardless of the reasons, Fibe TV has had a superior channel selection since day 1.

Price. My friends pay roughly the same as I do (we both have long term discounts), but they get TMN/HBO/AMC/FX; my bill lowered closer to theirs AFTER I cancelled those options on Illico and they get more internet bandwidth and more channels. They only have two services with Bell and I only have two services with Videotron.

Fibe TV is a lot like the TV services offered in the US (I have a lot of experience with Dish as well). US TV is years ahead of Canada and Fibe is the closest service to offer anything like the joys available in the US, both in interface and options but also in content (as much as can be done in Canada).
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Bell satellite loses signal because of weather and channel changes are slower than Fibe TV and Videotron.

Still prefer Satellite over Videotron because of the guide program description. Also Bell's basic HD receiver has timers. I don't know if Videotron has that feature on their basic HD receivers.
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Videotron vs Bell

I was with Bell before but their service and 5 pages invoice was a joke and so I switched to Videotron about a year ago. I found their service the best but their channel selection on their basic package was offering nothing special plus I noticed their commercials were too long and often. So I switched back to Bell but now I get my TV thru OTA

In comparison, Bell's basic TV package included two PBS channels, Vision, W, The Knowledge Channel and a couple more which I forget now

Just my experience
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I more than agree with you. Bell has the better technology and a greater channel offering but lacks in the customer service and billing areas.

You need to choose your preferred poison I guess ;-)

Samsung HL-S7178, Panasonic TCP50ST50, OPPO DV-981HD, PS3 40gb, Onkyo TX-SR674, Videotron 8642HD PVR, Harmony One
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Bell's customer service and billing is known far and wide as being among the worst...anywhere. I would venture that only a few US telecoms are worse than Bell (but then, those few - Comcast, TWC - are also the most hated companies in the US).

With Videotron you get great, reliable service - both in customer service and technology. You lose a relevant, modern experience with the TV system.

With Bell you get terrible customer service and even the technology is less reliable (my brother lost TV, internet and phone for more than a day less than 4 days after it was installed... Bell could not provide a reason). But you have a better experience using the technology (when it works).

Now Videotron has very aggressive pricing, so in some cases they may be cheaper than Bell now.

That all said; we'll see what happens with the Xbox OneGuide, which will be available in Canada in June. For Videotron customers it can bridge some of the technology gap with Bell while retaining the service.
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I can not disagree more with these 3 last posts concerning Videotron vs Bell billing and customer services.

The one thing I agree is with this
Now Videotron has very aggressive pricing, so in some cases they may be cheaper than Bell now.
But I think this is because Videotron lost quite a few subs to Bell Fibe.
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error , guide , videotron

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