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@aylmer_dad_31, what is Videotron doing in your case? I'm asking because I'm in a similar situation.

I got the update sometime between Monday night and Tuesday afternoon. I noticed something was not working properly Tuesday night when I saw that the PVR did not start recording Lost. A few test and I could tell that all programed recording did not work but I could manually start a recording, also notice that if 1 recording was being done on 1 channel I was not able to record on a second channel. All the recording on the list were available and seemed to be playing right, I also have a 500GB ext drive.

My real problems started last night, finally got around to call Tech support, after 3-4 resets from their end the drives went, recording is no longer available, tech tried to format my drive (lost about 75 episodes of Diego, I now have a very angry 5 year old!) and still nothing. Today they tried a few more resets and nothing, now they tried to downgrade the firmware and still nothing. Box is responsive, no lag in channel surfing, but No recording available!!!

If I go into the status summary of the box (power off, old setting 2-3 sec until message icon, then press info, have 39 pages of technical info) I can see the drive is not recognized by the system. Tried to explain this to tech support but the guy was too dumb to understand. Now I have to wait until Saturday for a tech to come by and tell me the box is done. My big issue is that I'm less then 2 months out of warranty and the run around I got from customer service is that they will most likely not cover it!! grrrrrr!
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Originally Posted by Jake
Michael, That interactive option existed before.

I suggest everyone do a cold boot if you are experiencing problems.

New feature: You can now resume all your recordings not just the last one.
Finally !!!!!!!

Before I had to finish watching one recording before being able to watch another one, otherwise the one I started watching would be reset to the beginning
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I'm liking what I see so far (the new onscreen indicators,the guide and the play from current location), however, I would love to see them fix the info when watching a recorded program. It shouldn't be that hard to display the info from the actual program rather than a generic message about the benefits of a PVR.

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Since I see others are in the same boat, here is the status of my situation...

I spent close to 2 hours with tech support last. I spoke with "Steve" and took his agent number as well. He more-or-less recognized, while carefully choosing his words, that these problems are related to the software rollout they did. He wouldn`t commit to replacing the box, instead trying to fix the situation, while working with the engineering team..

They did a few rollbacks and upgrades, got my box to a semi-functional state.

Right now, when I turn on the box, it`s frozen for a minute or two but thaws out. Channel surfing has a second or two lag. Pressing pause on live TV will freeze the box. I can`t press play to resume. I have to change the channel using the numbers...

Ok, that was REALLY annoying. What I was told by tech support was that the issue was escalated to engineering. They asked for a few days to figure things out as reports are coming in of similar problems. As annoyed as I am, I can sympathise, as since I work in IT, I can understand what happens when a software rollout goes bad, so I accepted (Begrudgingly) to give them a few days..

BUT I discovered a new and much more annoying and serious issue. A show that is recorded (say, from 8 PM to 9 PM), you see it in the list while it`s recording...checking the list at 9:01 PM...and it`s GONE!!! POOF...

Now I am doing a last test by recording a show from 10 - 10:30 PM tonight (so basically...right now). If the shows I am recording are just dropping off the disk, then there is no way I am going to wait a few days.

Obviously, since there are reports of similar and other problems with this rollout, then quite obviously something has gone rather wrong with this rollout...
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sure test confirmed my suspicion....the show ended @10:30..and poooof....gone from list...

So my PVR is basically unable the record now as well...wonderful...

I`m a year past end of warranty. But the facts are that the box worked fine before they did an update.

I have a Sunfire that`s a few years old. It`s out of warranty. If I bring it to the dealer for an oil change and the dealer breaks something else while working on my car, then dealer is on the hook for it regardless of warranty status. My position is that the same applies. They damaged my equipment, and so they are on the hook for it.
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Long time lurker, first time poster, but wanted to add my voice to those complaining about this "upgrade" and tell you my status.

Live in downtown Montreal, got the upgrade sometime overnight last night. As many have mentioned, it ruined my aspect ratio, stretching everything to 16:9. At least I was able to fix that. All my PVR recordings seem fine, though I have no external HD. I guess that I have a working box, I don't have that pause-play issue, I should consider myself lucky.

Problems - lag on channel changing is VERY slow. Lag on browsing channels is VERY slow. Lag on the PVR controls (FF, Rew, pack to play) are VERY slow. Bigger problem is occasionally I just have a black screen for a second, back to picture, back to black, back and forth several times til I change the channel. I'm thinking of calling Videotron but if reverting back doesn't help, what's the point. Seems to only happen on HD channels. Like I watch anything else.

Whatever "improvements" were made (the stupid little time display thing and resuming multiple programs from their current location) do not make up for this.

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Firmware Upgrade Problems

I too, have received the new firmware package from Videotron. What I've noticed so far...
Programs that are shown as being recorded, when the program is finished, it disappears from the list. (Survivor Tonight 8P)(CSI Tonight 9P)
Programs that have been recorded tonight, show in the list, but when selected I get the "LIST" screen. (Grey's Anatomy Tonight 9P).
Does the PVR not record 2 at once anymore?
I have just done a cold reboot twice, including my WD external drive. After the reboot, I get the "external drive connected to this PVR works", screen, so I'm guessing everything is working.
I have scheduled the recordings missed early tonight on the West Coast channels, so here's hoping!!
Do you think it would be too much to ask that Videotron troubleshoot these updates before pushing them out??
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Similar symptoms (programs unable to play live whole recording, disappearing once completed, slow zapping and menus). I have a 3 year old 160GB 8300HD, with external HDD.

Did a cold reboot (unplugged the PVR and external HDD for 1 mn).

Switched on, rebooted.
Everything works fine now! (just lost a couple of recordings tonight before the reboot)
Faster, slicker, nicer: and multiple current location memories... Yeppee!!!
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The second cold-reboot seems to fix any indexing issues between the STD and an external drive; the only recordings I lost were between the upgrade and the second cold - reboot.
I have another subtle issue. Before the upgrade, my CRT-based, non-HDMI, RPTV (component only) and STB were perfectly synchronized. I would instantly see the 'default-on' channel on the TV screen. After the upgrade, there is a 4 second delay, on the STB side; a small illico menu appears in the lower half of the screen, showing that the STB is transmitting properly to the TV, but the upper half of the screen is the Component 1 TV input screen waiting for a signal, with the selected default-on channel showing up after 3-4 seconds. So some kind of handshaking has been added...even though I am still set to 1080i and 'Passthrough'.
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External drive noise

I also received the new firmware and my external drive is now making a whining noise. I unplugged and re-plugged, did a cold reboot on the 8300hd but the whine continues. I even took out the external drive from it's enclosure and stand alone makes no noises. Is it possible the new firmware is trying to access or re-index the recordings on the external drive? All recordings are there so I am not sure? Anyone have the same?
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The external drive whine has been solved.
It appears the fan in the enclosure is on it's last leg and depending on the position of the unit it makes a whine. Hard drive recordings are intact.
I will probably order a new enclosure to take care of this problem.

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location : Greenfield Park (south shore of montreal)
I also recieved the update, and was unable to pause, FF, RR, and recordings disappeared.

After I unplugged the unit AND unplugging my external hard drive,
everything is working fine...only lost the shows recorded in between update and my reboot.

Good luck to those with other issues.
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Post 2 talked about audio output. Not sure if poster was using just HDMI or COAX. But now when I turn OFF my TV the audio continues to play. Yea! Previously even the audio from the COAX cable would be halted if the HDMI video connection was used.
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Videotron finally got my PVR working right Friday.

I got an automated call from Videotron asking if I was satisfied with the service....once I was done laughing, i responded that no, I was not satisfied.

I was IMMEDIATLY put through to an agent, to whom I explained the whole story again.

This guy had me go to the diag screen, and read off the version of the firmware, OS, and other software that's on the box. He put me on hold, and then told me they'd reboot the box twice in the next 30 mins, which they did......and now I am running old software, but my box has been working great for 2 days.

I don't have the new guide or any of the new features, but the box IS working right.

So, for now, crisis averted and I am happy.

However, I also know that, at some point, they'll get an updated software rev and try again..

For reference, this is what my box is running now..:
PTV OS: OS, Engg Home Server edition 1.10
FLASH: DVR1.5.2_8300_MR.KR_E.p.0002
App(s): bstmapp v3.13.2.06124
nccore v1.2.80

ROM Image
HAL Driver:
PHAL3 driver
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Thank you very much aylmer_dad_31 for posting here your problem and solution !

Thank you very much aylmer_dad_31 for posting here your problem and today the solution !.

In the last few days I experienced EXACTLY the same problems as you had and was hoping to find solution.

I called yesterday Videotron and the CS guy tried the update and when it did not work, he chose to sent a tech. This morning a tech came, checked the signal (OK) and stayed clueless. Then he called tech support and they both were clueless....

Then I read your post, and called Videotron to downgrade my software too.

My CS guy had to ask level II guy about the downgrade and they started working on my terminal in the few minutes before they started rebooting it, the pause button and rewind worked (with the new interface!).

Then they started rebooting and the terminal has been rebooting constantly for the last 2.5 hours and now I called Videotron again to find out what is going on... :-(
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