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Thanks Jake, p.s. its PaolO
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Sorry about that Paolo. I have remember not to confuse my Ohs and my ehs.

Jim, I also noticed the improvement while seeking and especially the jump-back. The ticks are 15 minute intervals.
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....So a tech came by..checked all the signals and such, and told us box was dead.

Called Customer service...literally lost my evening to them..

Seems that there ARE a few issues with the new upgrade...and they have no clue how to fix em yet, as a downgrade does NOT correct the issue...

Symptoms are:

When you turn on the box (not just plug in...more as in come home from work and turn it on), for the first few minutes, you have video, but none of the buttons work either on the box, nor the's pretty much stuck there. Then it unfreezes and actually tries to process all the buttons you've pushed (so if you pushed channel up 6 times, when it unfreezes, it'll go up six channels...)

Other symptoms include if you press pause while watching live tv...the screen goes gray...and the box just sits there..again, freezes for about a minute. Then using the numbers you can switch to another channel. To only happens with live TV.

Lastly, there is a certain "delay" when channel surfing. Change the channel and the while the initial image of the new channel is there..the image is "frozen" for about a second...

Videotron more-or-less recognizes this is their fault, but won't commit to replacing the box....

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Aylmer Dad, Are you using component or HDMI? I think you said HDMI. I am going to get you to try a few things. That is if you want. Remove the HDMI connection and use component or composite. Cold reboot and see if the box works and responds to commands. If the TV is giving the STB grief over the HDMI then it could cause the problem you are seeing. Or at least that is my theory.

Now go into the HD Setup Wizard and disable all formats except 1080i (you will need component video connection to test this). If it works remove the component and connect your HDMI cable and see if that works. If it does add another format like 720p. Leave out 480i since some TVs do not accept 480i over HDMI. 480i over component is fine.
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I've been upgraded too, however I am having trouble with new recordings since the upgrade. The recording light comes on, the recorded show appears in the LIST screen, during the recording, but disappears at the end.
Sometimes, the recorded show stays on the LIST screen, but selecting it for playback gets you to the 'Digital Video Recorder playback screen' (the one with choose LIST or change channel indicators), rather than to the recorded content.
Otherwise, I have the same improvements everyone else has mentioned; IPG new font, but LIST and playback sections = old font.
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Tanta, Do you have an external hard drive?
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Angry Advanced setup reset

I got my advanced setup reset too...
Tried to redo the advanced setup and even tho the ONLY output for the box is 1080i, it wont seem to upconvert the regular channels as it did before, so the result being the regular resolution channels are all stretched.

Anyone managed to fix this issue, or had it?

EDIT: I called support, and there was some other options (new?) that I had to set, that weren't there before I'm pretty sure, but the tv guide is just in 4:3 tho
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Yes Jake, I have the 'venerable' 500Gb WD as external. I've always managed it as 'first on-last off' with respect to SA 8300HD cold boots, but I sometimes leave it on, while unplugging the SA 8300HD.

Spirit, my HD image is not as sharp as before the upgrade, but I have yet to check my settings. Could you be more specific on the new options and where they are in the settings menu?
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aylmer_dad_31 Your symptoms are exactly that of IR interference from another device like an LCD TV. It's very easy to test if your TV is the problem - turn it off and if the problem disappears, it's the TV. See the following post on the topic of IR interference:

BellTV recently did exactly the same with a firmware update - they made the IR sensor more sensitive and it caused headaches for many users. Here's a copy of that thread.

Try doing what is stated in my first link since there are added benefits to a properly optimized TV. If that doesn't fix it, then you may also wish to try putting a post-it over the IR sensor to "desensitize" it...

Videotron customers then should advise Videotron so that they can reduce the sensitivity back to where it was, which is what BTV did.

What is the make/model of your TV? If it's an LCD, then the IR interference is the likely culprit. Even if you don't have an LCD, the other suggestions in the link work for eliminating IR interference.

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Tanta, If you are having trouble I would suspect the sync between the EHD and the STB to be an issue. It could be that a reformat of the external is in order to clear up the issue. I won't suggest you try that (yet) but another poster mentionend that his EHD recordings were lost.

57, Thanks for the LCD IR tip. It had not occurred to me. I guess one more reason why I like my plasma.

Spirit, I think support was talking about the FIXED, UPCONVERT1, UPCONVERT2, Auto DVI/HDMI or PASSTHROUGH (for YPbPr) setting.
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Did a quick check this morning and lo and behold I've gotten the update (West Island). Though I didn't have time to do a thorough poke around, everything seemed to be ok with the exception of having to go into the settings and change the output to 1080. The recording list was still there with nothing lost. A short test playback of a recorded show went smoothly.

Is this new firmware update limited only to Videotron's PVRs, or does it affect simple set top boxes (HD and non-HD)?
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Cool new option?

My wife noticed that while watching a television show now, she can push the yellow "A" button to have a menu screen. There are things to select there, like illico-on-demand, and there is a weather icon on the lower right of this menu screen. Using the menu arrow keys to get there and pressing enter gives weather information.

Live and let live.
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As others have mentioned, I had to redo my setup. (all SD channels were stretched). Also noticed a few timers missing. Weird issue that I can't reset them up. I usually record CSI from 6-7 on Mystery. No recording is happening and not highlighted in the guide. If I try to setup a new timer I get a conflict for tomorrow night between 6 and 7 and it only lists CSI as the conflicting program. No combination of accepting or rejecting changes results in the timer being creating. I will wait to see what happens after 7 (when the phantom timer would be finished)

Update: Actually had a problem setting up new timers also. Did a cold reboot and seems to fixed the issue. Interesting note, the blue "Scientific Altanta" boot screen has been replaced with a black Cisco screen. I guess its about time.

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I just received the update as well.

The only problem I noticed is that everytime I try to pause or rewind live tv my box freezes temporarily and the screen goes black.
I have to change channels to be able to see something.

However, I'm not able to pause live tv which is pretty disapointing.
I am using and an external drive, I will try unplugging it tomorrow if a hard reset does not fix the issue.
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Michael, That interactive option existed before.

I suggest everyone do a cold boot if you are experiencing problems.

New feature: You can now resume all your recordings not just the last one.
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