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Videotron announces "Free Classic Basic Cable" offer

From press release issued last week

Videotron, a trailblazer in flexible customized cable television services, is enhancing its illico Digital TV Custom 15 and Custom 20 packages by offering current and future subscribers to the services free Classic Basic Cable on their other television sets.

"In making Classic Basic Cable available free of charge to current and future Custom 15 and Custom 20 subscribers, Videotron is again showing leadership and commitment to customer satisfaction by continuously improving its cable television services," said Myrianne Collin, Vice President, Marketing, Consumer Sector, at Videotron.

Custom packages

In addition to free Classic Basic Cable for subscribers to the Custom 15 and Custom 20 packages, Videotron offers current and future subscribers to the Custom 30, Telemax or Mega digital packages free access to the Classic Telemax service available in their region. With illico Digital TV, customers can change their channel line-up themselves at any time using their remote or by going to

Custom 15 and Custom 20 subscribers who choose to take up this advantageous offer have to contact Videotron's Customer Service in order to receive a free visit from a technician to make the necessary adjustments to the Classic Basic Cable filter. Adding Classic Basic Cable service to up to four additional jacks will also be free. However, installation of additional jacks will be billed in accordance with Videotron's standard rates.

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Good news, I was considering 20 a-la-carte with Videotron (instead of Telemax as of now)... this classic basic cable could be worth it... I don't need Telemax on traditional TV I have.

However, Bell TV is still more attractive and I am wondering whether I should change.
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When you say Bell is 'more attractive', are you referring to Bell's new custom channel subscription packages (Quebec only), or something different? Also, do you mean more attractive in terms of custom channel choices, or cost?
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I refer to new pricing announced by Bell recently for Quebec market, that's the reason why Videotron offers this according to me (no source, only guessing).

Bell tv advantages for me:
- Bell pricing is more competitive, and they offer many HD channels in their basic package, so I could pick 15-a-la-carte with Bell while I would need to get 20 from Videotron to get the same channels.
- Bell has no surcharge for HD or for extra terminals, which makes it more attractive...
- Bell HD terminals allow you to plug an external hard drive to make them PVR (except for few functions, but you can record shows), while it can't be done with Videotron (you need their $500 PVR to do this).
- TSN2 is offered in a-la-carte (not available a-la-carte with Videotron)

Videotron advantages for me:
- no issue with weather
- illico service (for Quebecor - TVA shows)
- basic cable free for other TV you have with this new offer.
- Student offers for Internet service
(This analysis is short and incomplete, YMMV).

I am unsure I want a dish and concern with weather issues (my father had Bell before, did not enjoy much)... but Bell TV would be less expensive and I would be able to have PVR-equivalent for much less than with Videotron.
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Hasn't Videotron offered free regular cable on additional outlets for a long time now? I've had illico for many years now and the additional outlets where illico was not in use were always free with regular service.
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Thanks Cashinstinct, I am with Videotron, but very happy with Bell's recent pricing moves, and as you mention there are advantages.

Deck, you are correct if you were subscribed to the 30 channel custom package; basic cable and Telemax were included free on 4 extra outlets.

What has changed is that they are now offering analogue basic only with the 15 and 20 custom channel packages. So on the analogue side, you are mostly losing, Fox, CNN, the 3 sports channels and Discovery, that are part of the Telemax package. Not a bad deal, if you can live without those channels on your older TV's.
If you are getting analogue cable for free with regular Illico, you may have 'fallen through the cracks of the system'....Videotron probably forgot to install the analogue signal blocking filter on the post outside your home.
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TO answer Deck I used to have 2 tv at home, and I always had either à la carte 15 channels or 20 (I am at 20)

If you wanted the basic analog cable on the second set, you had to either:

-pay 7$ a month
-Have a telemax bundle on your illico.

They were putting a filter on your line so on a second tv (IF you used a splitter) you could not receive anything beyond cable 5 or 6 I don't remember exactly.

I know because I cancelled the Extra 7$ at one time, and forgot about it a few days ago(it was one of thoses week) opened the TV and saw it. A tech guy later explained it to me.
Of course I was more mad at me for forgetting the cancellation. Anyway I was not using the second set enough to make it worth.
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Videotron was probably loosing too many customers like me that were already paying for digital and HD at $50/months with no regular cable. Anyway it is too little too late; I am now OTA only and do not plan to go back to cable for now.
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OTA only!? That sucks, at most you can only get 3-4 channels OTA, and no premium channels. No thanks...
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i too quit Videotron, its been allmost a year now.
With my Channel Master antenna(99$) and a Yagi 13 on top(Just for ABC) (60$)
I get RC HD 2.1, CBS HD 3.1, CBS 3.2(Weather), NBC HD 5.1, NBC 5.2 SD(This (Old movies channel), CBC HD 6.1, TQ HD, ABC HD 22.1, ABC SD 22.2, PBS 33.1 HD, 33.2 SD, 33.3 SD(Create), 33.4 SD(World),Fox HD 44.1, Fox SD 44.2(Different programming than 44.1), PBS 57.1 HD, PBS 57.2 SD( Different programming), PBS 57.3 SD (Different programming)
All this for free not as bab as some would think.
And i get analog cable for free !!!!!!<
For phone i have a 2 iphones each with a 17$/ month plan(evenings at 6pm and 200 min /month)
One of the phones has a 6GB/month internet plan for 30$ that i use for tethering.
With windows 7 u can use you laptop wifi to act as a router. So i hook my iphone to laptop ( usb or wireless) and then sart connectify on my laptop and then my ps3 sees my connectify network like a router and i can play online.
I admit it is very hard to pull the Videotron plug!!!

Samsung PN50A650,LG FA-2100,Sony PS3, Channel Master 4228HD combined with Wade Yagi 5y13S.
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Free monthly cost for additional receiver would have been a lot better for all of us who are buying HDTV.

Isn't Vidéotron going backward promoting analog cable?
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I think Videotron has come to the conclusion that analog cable will be around for a long time....that sucks.. analog uses a lot of the videotron precious bandwidth ....I believe they can fit two hd or 10 sd diigital channels for every analog channel.
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Analog will be here to stay for a long time, as the majority of customers do not have HD TV's (According to the Videotron guy living next door). I can get all of the shows I watch online, shortly after they have been broad casted. I also connect with contacts using E-mails, IM's and Skype, all free ....

As for Bandwidth Cisco System just released a 1,000 Gig Router for telco and ISP's. Neither Videotron or Bell need to put restrictions on bandwidth anymore, or charge for exceeding bandwidth package restrictions. The limitation is now in their Infrastructure and administration.
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Well I downgraded from 30 to 20 channels and they let me keep Telemax on analog for kudos to them!
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Hi Calix,

Where does your antenna directed to to get all these channels? Plus where are you more precisely, I am in Hochelaga in Montreal. I would like to inject all these HD channels on top of my classic cable...
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