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Spoke to BEV CSR today, the guy said that they've been testing the HD over VDSL service but had problems they couldn't overcome so as far as he knows the service will not be offered as promised. However he said that Bell will be rolling out HD over IPTV "sometime this fall", didn't know any more details. Also mentioned that some condo buildings are being converted to communal dishes as a quick workaround for those who don't mind paying and can't wait much longer for HD.

I told him that I was running out of reasons for not switching to Rogers, he offered me 50% off my BEV service (programming only) for three months and said that's the best they can do, so I said what the hell, if I can say $100 over three months (~$30 per month) why not.

Anybody has any more info about this supposed Bell IPTV service?
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