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Boss how many ADSL2+ modems do you have you should have 2. Also my understanding is what you are doing on one modem should not impact what you do on the other one. Anyways here is my experience with SaskTel and their Modems.

When HD came I had a single HD STB. They had to replace my ADSL modem with an ADSL2+ modem when they swapped out my Pace STB for the new one from Motorola. The old modem was a small box that was hooked up to a switch the new one is made by 2 wire and had all sorts of router stuff built in. The only issue I found where TV went bad while I was doing stuff on the internet was when I did the following:
- Download a show from Bit Torrent
- Also had World of Warcraft Patch
I was doing both wireless with my laptop not sure what the cause was but looking back I suspect the 2 wire ADSL2+ might of been overwhelmed by everything it needed to do.

A few months go by and I finally break down and decide I need another STB so I call up SaskTel to get a SD STB. SaskTel comes out and hooks up a second ADSL2+ modem for the SD drop then did a couple things I found interesting. They moved my internet to the new modem with SD on it and they replaced the beige 2 wire unit with a new silver/black one. I asked the installer about this and this is what I learned.

- If you have just HD you get a single ADSL2+ modem and your internet is on the same drop
- If you have HD and SD your internet connection is always on your SD connection

He was not sure why they moved it is was policy. Maybe HD and internet is a bit much for an ADSL2+? or it could be the first 2 wire unit was the cause and that is why they took it away.

With 5+ techs I would not expect any of the following to be issues but here would be my question list:
- Why do I have only one Modem?
- Should my Second STB and Internet be on a different modem than HD TV?
- Shouldn't what I am doing on one ADSL2+ modem have 0 effect on the second ADSL2+ modem?

Guessing if everything is connected correctly and you are seeing issues there is cross talk between the two sets of wires (something I would think the army of techs would of found).

Hope this helps
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