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I have had Max since prior to the launch of HD and upgraded to HD when it came out. The product back in November I felt like I was a beta tester. I had freezing, sound issues and my set top box would just lock up when on a channel.

The service improved over time and have not had too many problems since April. When watching TV the signal is good and looks the same as Bell ExpressVu, StarChoice or Access. Probably the biggest drawing card for me has been Movie Central on Demand its great being able to sit down and watch a movie whenever I want.

The STB is not 100% stable I would say it crashes on me once every 2 weeks, this does not happen when watching TV but when in Movie Central on Demand going through the movie list. I do this pretty much daily so it does not happen often enough for the annoyance to be greater than the value I get from having this on demand option.

Channel change time is slower than cable about the same as a satellite service. My channel flipping habit has changed to toggling between two channels and having a mini-guide on the screen.
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