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You could rent additional STBs from Rogers or buy them outright -- MSRP at $99; dealers frequently have an "at the till" price of $49.

With VDSL you get a good selection of channels; none in HD; no access to PVR; no On Demand programming.

The VIP package -- $58.97 regular and less for new subs -- includes 225 channels, one STB, and six channels with full On Demand (that is: MTV, Treehouse, NFL Network, HGTV, National Geographic, Food Network) and around 3000 other titles, including tons of movies, for a 24-hr fee. And you can get ALL the programming in crisp 100% digital picture and sound on ALL TVs with an STB in the house.

Swap out the STB for an HD box and pay $8.96 more and get 16 HD channels at no additional cost.

Bell ExpressVu VDSL TV For Condos has merits as a niche product -- including those satisfied with a slowish Internet. Try asking for the "standard" 7 mbps service Rogers offers as Express with your VDSL service.

The point is: Bell's Condo TV is ok for some people. So long as HD, PVR, multicultural channels, On Demand, faster Internet and exclusive channels like Bloomberg, MSNBC, Ontario Legislature, Turner Classic Movies and others aren't important to you.
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