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I received my 9241 today. As a convert from rogers I don't love the menus and guide. I don't find it quite as intuitive to use.

I was disappointed that the 9241 didn't come with an HDMI cable. As the 9242 did. That being said, has anyone compared the image using component vs HDMI? I'm trying to decide if it is worth the upgrade.
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Originally Posted by Mike Bryan View Post
Helpful suggestion and I will try this once more.

However,......While more recent Bell/Dish Network remotes seem to have "A/B" switches to change UHF transmit frequencies, the older style silver remote supplied originally to us with the 5900 PVR does not seem UHF ch adjustable.

Since this older silver remote already talks fine to the 9241 via infrared, I would assume it's address is the same as that at which the 9241 is watching for BOTH UHF and infrared signals.

I still suspect the remote's UHF TX channel is different and am still looking for a hack to change it.........gotta be a way ???? No ? Yes ????
The silver one that came with your 5900 was officially called the "Plantinum". It uses their original UHF technology used on the 6000, 5100, 5800, and 5900 receivers. The newer remotes that came with the 6100, 9200, 9242, 9241 (remotes 8.0, 6.2, 6.3) use the "UHF Pro" technology which incidentally is much stronger and more reliable. "UHF" and "UHF Pro" are different and not compatible or interchangable.
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hdcp issue

I hooked up my new 9241 receiver via HDMI cable to my Sony W4100 TV and HD channels are working fine. However, when I tried to order a Pay Per View event, I got an error message saying my TV is not HDCP enabled. I've verfied the Sony W4100 TV is suppose to be HDCP compatible and the Sony support site says to power off the set top box for 30 seconds and retry. If this does not resolve the issuse, contact your STB manufacturer. I know that I can use component cables to get around this but this would defeat the purpose of buying an HD receiver and HDTV. My receiver firmware version is 2.30 if this helps. Anyone else experience this issue or know how to resolve it? Thanks!
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9241 question

Does anyone know if the 9241 counts as two receivers on a account? Since you can only feed one T.V. I wouldn't think so, but I have asked several local vendors and nobody knows for sure.
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Does not matter if it is a single or dual tuner, they only count as one on your account. I have 3 dual tuners and 3 single tuners on my account, no issues.
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I just got my 9241 installed last weekend and I noticed a couple difference between this unit and the 9242 which I also have:

1. No PiP on the 9241.
2. 9241 hardrive fan is very NOISY comparing to the 9242 even at idle temperatures.
3. The remote on the 9241 acts like an IR instead of UHF cause it needs line of sight in order to work. I tried flipping the thingy under the bell logo on the remote from black (UHF) to silver (UHF PRO) and the remote didn't even work on the silver side.

Anyone having the same issues?
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Originally Posted by winnipeg13 View Post
Does anyone know if the 9241 counts as two receivers on a account?
For what purpose?
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Because due to the lack of training of CSR's at Bell, many people would get to 6 Tuners and be told they cannot add another receiver as the limit is 6 tuners. Well that was wrong but because Bell then compounded this by a misprint on a programming guide, many CSR's again gave out this incorrect answer.

The correct answer in 99% of cases it that there is a 6 Receiver limit, regardless of them being Single or Dual Tuner machines.

One are where there is still confusion, is on NEW rental installations. The rules there are that a maximum of 4 Tuners (NOT receivers) can be activated on a NEW Rental account. This has not yet changed since the introduction of the 9241, which it should in my opinion.

Just to add a little more background info, you can after actiavting a NEW Rental account of say 4 Tuners (4 x 4100's) add another 2 receivers (NOT Tuners) to that account, either as Rental or ORS (Out Right Sale) although there would be a charge for the Installation and any extra switch's you require. Extra Charges also for the lines to each additional Tuner. So to add 2 more 4100's it would caost around $250 ($50 each for the 2 lines plus $150 for an 8 way multiswitch).

To get around this charge, for the extra 2 receivers, you just change one to a 6131 (HD), this then makes you elligible for a Free HD Upgrade, where you will get not only the 2 extra receivers installed for free but the existing 4 Tuners will also be Upgraded to receive the HD signals as well. (Yes I know the 4100's are SD but they will receive the 82 degree signals)

I know your question was only 3 words and I seem to have written War & Peace but I hope it helps to clear up why people have this fascination of Tuners Vs Receivers.
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I just had a 9241 installed on Saturday. I too have the problem of my recorded program freezing while trying to skip through the commertials. It's pretty annoying to say the least. I haven't run into any other problems yet, but I have not used it much. I do have a question though. I just bought a used DVD recorder. Can anyone tell me how do I hook it up with the 9241?
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Angry Just wanted to let everyone know......

....that Bell TV tech support tells me a day or two ago that their software people are working on a patch or two for the 9241 because this receiver was shipped to customers in Canada with a Bell-made bug causing it to occasionally totally freeze when you try to play a recorded event.

Here's how it happens: Typically you'll get a few seconds into the event and then experience a total freeze of the screen and your PVR will be non-controllable by any button on the remote until you do a forced reboot by pressing the reset button on the front panel of the receiver for about 7 seconds.

This of course worked for me but we continue to experience occasional short freezes and other minor anomalies in playback from time to time but the total freeze-up of the entire receiver has happened so far only once.

When are these cost and corner cutting monkeys at Bell going to release a bug-free version of software for ANY of their hardware devices - let alone the 9241 ? What a poor show - like having all your previously recorded material on the 5900 made inaccessible by a Bell software update for that ill-starred model ! What bozos these Bell higher managers are !

Such deja vu !!!
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HDCP status

Could someone with a direct HDMI connection between their 9241 and TV check what their HDCP status is displaying in the diagostic screen? Just press MENU 6-1-3 and go to the second page. My HDCP status is NO and preventing me from ordering HD PPV events. I'd also be interested what make and model of TV you are using. Thanks.
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Hey Mike Bryan, thanks for the update. The freeze is annoying. I notice that when I first watch a program, and try and fast forward or whatever, it'll freeze but typically doesn't after that, and it typically comes back to life after 15-30 seconds.

Did leave a message with Bell about this and never got a reply, hopefully this bug gets resolved soon. Seriously, how did such a simple thing to test get into a final firmware update anyways???
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Hi Senna088...I just checked my system info and my HDCP status is "yes".
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picked up my 9241 today to replace my old HD reciever and am very disappointed with the available outputs.
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In what way are you disappointed with the outputs.?

If you had a 6000, it had Component out.
If you had a 6100, it had Component & DVi.

The 9241 has HDMI & Component.
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