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Originally Posted by xtrawidth View Post
Not quite sure if i understand this then...

so do you have a HD PVR that is essentially running off a dish, rather than the vdsl?

i've do EVU for Condos, and am desperate for a PVR... don't care about HD (at the moment) as i'm not in the market for a new tv...
There are three buildings in my complex.

For the customers who are happy with Standard Definition, they will remain on the VDSL system. It is my understanding that a PVR is not available for the customers that stay with the VDSL (Standard Definition) service. I would suggest you call Bell and confirm 1-888-759-3474.

For the customers who would like High Definition, they will be moved to Bell Expressvu satellite. There is one dish which will serve all three buildings and customers have a choice of either a High Definition set top box or a HD set top box with PVR.

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