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The whole point of buying an hdtv is to get a better picture quality. If you don't care about HD, why buy one in the first place. When you have a provider with limited bandwith, your getting a limited signal, thus a limited experience. I've heard Max's HD has improved a lot when it comes to picture quality, but it is still exceedingly slow and limited when it comes to changing the channel, or using the internet at the same time. At any given moment there are 3-4 tvs in my house on at the same time + light-moderate internet usage. I don't like the idea of knowing that I am paying for a service that I can't use, you shouldn't have to baby your service (i.e keep your other box/boxes off so that you can watch hd on your main tv)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but is HDMI still disabled on Sasktel's boxes?
If you only have 1 tv in your house and internet usage isn't too much, then I guess Sasktels service mgiht work for you, but frankly I'd rather go with Shaw or Satelite.
Personally I like Shaw because I find them cheaper than Satellite/Sasktel for my needs (My basic Shaw +high speed is $60 and that gives me 4 tvs and the basic set of HD channels that I watch). + Another $20 month after tax for the pvr (I traded in an older box to get $148 off, though now I think they are giving $148 off for any analog customer going to HD)

If I had Sasktel I'd be paying paying around 53 for max + $10 for hd + 10 extra to get a 5mb download + 2.99x3 for each tv = 83. Same as I'm paying with Shaw, cept without the PVR.
Actually I'm not sure if you can get their High Speed Plus when you have HD?? In the past they had big limits like that, maybe they don't any more...
You do save $10 if you have cell phones with Sasktel, personally I wasn't happy with their cell service, but thats for a different thread.

I had their high speed for years before changing it over to Shaw, and I was happy with their internet, but when it comes to TV, I don't want to bother wtiha service that might/prob be unreliable, or at least have restriction. That and hte fact that my basement is finished and looks nice, and I don't need dsl/phone lines running all over the place It's nice to have an alternative though if I ever get anoyed with Shaw, maybe by the time that happens Sasktel will roll enough fiber/dlams (or whatever their called) around the city to erase all the restrictions associated with their service.

Question, is Sasktel's PVR going to be a dual tuner??

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