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just make sure when you are watching tv that no one is on the internet and/or watching tv.

as soon as my wife goes on the internet and starts dl or even surfing, the skipping and freezing goes to hell. i actually power dont my second box in our bedroom when we arnt using it.

ive had 5 service guys, and apparently one of the most "senior" techs came out aswell. overall, they changed everything in the house and i think they even ran 2 new lines to the house.

i actually have had shaw and max in my house for a few months now and have been comparing the two very closely.

pixel for pixel, shaw is better on almost all the channels. i have 2 42" plasma TVs and had them side by side for a few days to compare. i timed sasktel and its taken as much as 4 seconds to change the channel, on average 2.5 while shaw is close to 1 second

ive spent hours on the phone with max, they keep giving me the run around. i have a friend in the tech support dept and he tells me theres not much i can do.

and i am less than 150ft away from the DSLAM! cant get much closer than that.

hell, the cable line to my house is about the same distance and is probably at least 15-20 years old. only problem i've had with shaw is when i got the HD, they needed to install an amp, first installer ran out he said, so the next day them came back.

my friend has been testing their pvr they plan on releasing, he's telling me its nothing but a headache. if you pause live tv, you have to reset the entire unit otherwise it keeps freezing.

all in all, seriously dont waste your time with sasktel.

they are a PHONE company. not a cable company, and they should stick do there guns are provide phone service. not wannabe cable/internet service.
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