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I don't get the infatuation the guys have with Danielle. I've seen fatter people coming out of Auschwitz in 1945. Why would anybody want to wipe butter off her? You may get splinters.

Too bad...cause she is a pretty girl; but she's definately anorexic
This is a sore subject with me. She certainly does appear to have eating disorder.

And if you study that illness, you will see an overwhelming correlation of victims who have major relationship problems with one or both parents.

The show producers put an obvious eating disorder victim into a surprise forced confinement with her estranged parent.

This strikes me as a wreckless act that any reputable psychologist would counsel against.

Consider this:
* this illness is commonly refered to as 'E.D.'
* E.D. victims are often girls with abusive or overbearing fathers
* her father's nickname is 'E.D.'
* at the very least, Dick has got an abusive and overbearing personality

If you wrote a a show with this kind of plotline, it would be considered too far-fetched.
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