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MDU_PVR_Please ...

Thanks very much for your follow-up report.

The fact that Bell installed a dish on your roof and added whatever extra internal boxes in the basement and wiring to make this all work ... instead of rolling out the promised IPTV in your condo (since 2004? and it still hasn't been delivered?!?) ... Suggests they are STILL not ready to risk launching something they can't get working properly.

The mind boggles on this one. MTS and SaskTel are delivering HD over phone lines; AT&T U-Verse is essentially what Bell has been promising as far as I can figure out ... but instead of delivering the goods ... Bell puts a dish on the roof after all this time. Truly remarkable.

Enjoy your new TV! It may be a while before you get Showcase, National Geographic, TMN's 3rd Movie Channels in HD, and whatever Rogers is launching this fall (assuming they do), but you will be able to enjoy a bunch of great channels. Be sure to check out HDNet!
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