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If the AzBox Titan comes out soon, it looks it to be nearly ideal. However, I do not see any release date. Do you know when it will be out or at least if it will come out this year?

With a single 6 ft stationary dish (1.8 m), I would be looking for the following satellites:

- Galaxy 17 - 91.0 W - ABC News One
- *Galaxy 19 - 97.0 W - Most channels including Al Jazeera English, RT
- *AMC 18 - 105.0 W - NASA TV
- *Satmex 6 - 113.0 W- Mexican channels
- *AMC 21 - 124.9 W - PBS HD

If it fit, I would also throw in
- Echostar 9/Galaxy 23 - 121.0 W - Cox Sports, Sportstime Ohio

Do you think that would be possible? I have a bungalow with a relatively flat roof.
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A single fixed dish? Seriously, try to find a basic reference and read about the general concepts of satellite TV reception.

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Originally Posted by cyberham View Post
A single fixed dish? Seriously, try to find a basic reference and read about the general concepts of satellite TV reception.
With an elliptical dish, it is possible to receive signals from 5 satellites. Pay TV customers, such as Dish Networks, can use a SuperDish with 8 LNBs.

With the dish posted by DrSat, it supports 10+ satellites.

Using a large 6 ft dish, it should be possible to receive signals from at least 4, if not 5, satellites.
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There are people on this site who can help figure out a system that will work for you in Canada, including those with currently working systems like cyberham. I'd suggest you consider that posts with information about US commercial systems, or what will work in Africa may not apply to your situation in southern Ontario.

The Dish Network super dishes are purpose built to hit a selection of satellites through either 11 or 14 degrees of arc, (IIRC).

Your response in the previous post suggests you believe that without any previous experience it is possible to install a fixed dish satellite system, covering 34 degrees of arc, successfully mount and aim 5 or 6 Ku LNBS, install all the proper switching, and perhaps even throw a C-Band LNB into the mix just for giggles.

With all due respect, if you can make that work on your very first FTA installation, you're a better man than I, Gunga Din.

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I would give him the benefit of the doubt.

No question, it takes practice -- but if you have the correct LNB's and settings and an outdoor TV (and a receiver that will show you when you are getting close to a signal within that band) and have the correct brackets and angles -- it can be done.

That said, it took me a lot longer however to 'understand' what I was doing in order to achieve 4 LNB's (standard Ku) on a 31 inch dish. I was able to achieve a 25 degree arc (max). NB -- I did find that in order to pull in all of the DVB-S2 feeds (properly), I required a 36 inch dish (which I now have).

But, yes, I think that with a lot of reading from this forum -- his goals can be accomplished.

Best of Luck.
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The list of satellite preferences the poster has described in post 19 includes a mix of Ku and C-band. His Ku preferences alone cover a 34 degree arc.

Dr. Sat has stated he can get the OP the Spanish programming he wants from Satmex 6 on C-band using a 1.8 metre dish in Ottawa. Not sure if Dr. Sat is suggesting a prime focus or offset.

What happens when services that exist today get encrypted in the future and the OP wants to move on to another satellite? Al Jazeera English is going encrypted, and C-Band programming like CW and eScapes has gone away recently.

A single motorized dish with C/Ku LNBF, or separate Ku and C-band dishes would be more useful in the long term. IMHO, when starting from a ground up system the initial investment in multiple LNBs and time to aim them would be offset by the purchase of a motorized system from the start.
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If your interested in Spanish programming.
You may wanna take a look at 30W. (Hispana sat)
There are many Spanish channels from across South America plus a couple from Spain.


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I greatly appreciate the time everyone has taken to present your thoughts. I very much respect and consider the members of experts in this area.

In regards to installation, my plan is to work with a local store and their satellite installer. I wanted to find out what is feasible as I have been dreaming of setting up FTA for years. The store initially was confused by my request at which point I posted here to get clarification.

On a follow-up call, they suggest I will need two dishes to cover that range of arc or a motorized dish. They do not have a stand which supports all of those LNBs and one dish would need to be C Band if I want 105.0 and 113.0. They do not recommend using a motor as it is very expensive and complicated to install and could lose alignment due to snow and ice in the winter.

I am concerned about using two dishes as I am not sure if they would fit in my backyard and especially if my wife would accept a large 6 ft (1.8 m) dish, either in the yard or on the roof of our bungalow (unlikely) .

If I did have two dishes, would the following work?

1.8 m dish:
105.0 W (C band)
113.0 W (C band)
124.9 W (Ku band)

0.9 m dish
91.0 W
97.0 W

The alternative is to purchase a Birdog satellite meter and align the dish(s) myself. I prefer not to do that for many reasons.

Finally, in regards to Aljazeera English, I heard about Al Jazeera America but I thought that the satellite option would remain unencrypted, only the IPTV stream would be turned off. Is that true?
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Originally Posted by DrSat View Post
Any satellite installer that does not know how to install a motorized dish uses the above excuse (i.e. issues during the winter) to try and convince the customer to not install a motorized dish.

Out of the hundreds of motorized dish systems that we already installed here in Southern Ontario, none had issues of freezing up or other issues due to the winter weather.

I suggest you look for another satellite installer who know what they are doing.


Dr. Sat
Out of curiosity, do you do satellite installs in Ottawa?
(Yes, I know you are Toronto based and "service Toronto, York, Peel, Halton and Hamilton areas.")
i.e. You don't service Ottawa

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For IPTV, you need an IPTV STB activated by the provider and I don't believe any of them can tune anything else, like FTA, OTA, etc.

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I have read some info on a new Amiko receive, I think it does lots of this stuff. Not sure where to get one in Canada. Not OTA though, most tv's have that built in though.

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Originally Posted by Jorgek View Post
I bet that dish is big, heavy, expensive and probably requires expert installation.
The dish in question is a Wave Frontier T90 Toroidal dish... they are heavy at around 15 Kg.
I had one a few years ago.... but gave it away. I guess I should have kept it as they don't seem to sell them anymore. It did have a very wide 40* view of the sky, which was nice but the big problem I had was in the winter as the snow would collect on the big reflector and then in the day, when it warmed up, it would slid down and get stuck between the the LNB's and sub reflector... then re-freeze up at night totally blocking out the signal.

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captive consumer need help

I have a 800cw captive receiver. I need help getting a remote and programming for receiver. My is dish is from dish will that work.
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What FTA satellites are you looking to receive? For good reception of FTA sats, you need at least a 33" dish and a linear LNB.

That receiver is an antique. A lot of programs are now in HD (S2) and your receiver is limited to DVB-S format.

The remote and firmware updates will be a problem. Try Angel Electronics in Mississauga. They have bins full of old remotes and other satellite hardware.

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