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Deleting messages off my smartphone and off server too

I just got a smartphone for the first time this week so please excuse the newbie type question...

I use IMAP for my email at work and home. I have IMAP4 set it up on my HTC P4000 and it works well but I'd like to know how to delete messages off my server from the phone.

When I delete an email on my device, even if I hit send and receive again to update things, it doesn't delete it off my server. It seems to keep a record of what I have deleted and doesn't pull that file from the server again (which is great) but how do I actually take it off the server so that when I go back to my home or office computer, I don't have to redelete all those files again?

The empty deleted folder command, which I thought would be like purge deleted mail in Outlook, just gets rid of the list of deleted emails and the device downloads them all again off the server. I can see the usefulness of that feature but there must be some way to delete things off the server from the phone.

Any help would be appreciated.
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