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trial of MMJB will not allow me to burn anymore cd's! until I cough up $20 to get PLUS!
MMJB is a discontinued product so it is not worth buying (even if you can.) I never liked it for ripping and burning, even in the plus version. There are tons of audio rippers/players/burners available. I like Winamp, which has a great user support community, as a player and music organizer. Like MMJB, it has a free basic and $20 premium version. MMJB has been replaced with Yahoo Music Player (same deal there.) IIRC, these both allow burning with the free version but offer faster burning and more features with the premium version. That is far from an exhaustive list but those two are very similar to MMJB so they will have an easy learning curve.

I usually use Nero for burning CDs/DVDs but the full version costs close to $100. A free version of Nero is often supplied with new computers and DVD-RW drives. Check out some freeware sites or Google for other options. Searching the forum, forum FAQs or starting a new thread might also turn up some recommendations.
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