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Originally Posted by sugarman View Post
I bought a Dell PC because it had MCE installed when you couldn't buy it seperately. I didn't know much about pc's & thought an all in one solution was the way to go. I also didn't know they were using other peoples apps. Just lately I've been informed that my free?? trial of MMJB will not allow me to burn anymore cd's! until I cough up $20 to get PLUS! And now I can only rip cd's at the increadibly slow rate of 0.3X! not the 10X it used to do. Is this really the way it is? The $20 aside, this is (pun intended) a rip-off!
To add insult to injury, as I was doing this post my ripping session finally ended & as it spit out the CD tray it kicked me out of my post.
I have been using free rippers and encoders for years with no problems... they do only one thing which is to rip then encode to the format of my choice (mp3) at high quality.

My ripper of choice: Audiograbber (now freeware)

My encoder of choice: LAME

I have also used the ripper CDEX in the past although I prefer Audiograbber.
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