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Is your LCD (or Plasma, or other stuff) affecting your STB or PVR?

Many people have reported that their LCD TVs (or plasmas) affect their STBs (set top boxes) or other equipment - Channels change at random, remote only working at close range, pop-ups, etc. This is due to the backlight leaking IR that can affect the STB (or other devices). There are several ways around this issue:

- It often stops once the TV has been on for a while, so simply wait a minute or so.

- Place the STB further from the TV or "hidden" from the stray IR.

- If you can change the remote address of the STB (Many don't allow this), then try that.

- Change the backlight setting on the LCD (if possible) to a setting of say 4-8 out of 10.

- Do not leave the TV on its default picture mode - usually called Vivid or Dynamic. Read the FAQ on : TV Optimization. TV optimization has the added benefit of providing the best possible picture quality, since TVs never come properly set up.

- Turn off OPC (Optical Picture Control), or Light Sensor or auto-contrast (C.A.T.S.), or whatever it's called on your particular make/model of TV.

- Apparently some TVs may have a presence sensor to shut down the TV if there is no activity in the room. If your TV has this, turn it off.

- If the item affected is in direct sunlight, move it to a place where it's not hit by direct sunlight.

- Make sure the STB is not partially hidden - move it so that it can be "clearly" seen by the remote.

- If your equipment is on a glass shelf, try moving it to the front of the shelf so that there are no reflections off the glass.

- If you have glass doors in front of your equipment, try opening/closing them temporarily to see what works.

- A different remote, like the Harmony, may not have the same issues.

- If the item in question can be switched to RF or bluetooth, that will usually solve the problem

- If the problem is with a STB (or other device) and you suspect the TV, simply turn the TV off to see if the STB (or other device) responds normally to commands - like changing channels, volume, etc which can usually be seen on the front of the STB/other device. The TV should be off for a short while before testing the STB.

- If the problematic equipment comes with a "remote" IR sensor that can be plugged into the device, then perhaps the sensor can be placed where it isn't affected, if the equipment cannot be moved to a better location.

- Slightly cover the IR sensor ("eye") on the affected piece of equipment - tape, paper, post-it, etc. Some "fiddling" may be required - amount of cover, transparency, etc.

- One person had the Wii bar too close to their equipment. If you have a Wii, remove it from the equation temporarily to check.

- Try rebooting the STB by turning it off, unplugging it for a minute and plugging it back in (make sure you're not recording if it's a PVR). This may only be a temporary fix, but it does check to make sure the firmware is properly loaded.

- Changing the "delay" in a Harmony remote may help.

If you're having issues, see point 16/18 (and other points) of Things to check first.

Edit 2008.04.17 - I've actually seen this problem in action during several of my optimization calls and now on my own LCD. Once the TV was on for about 30 seconds, everything was fine, so it depends on the make/model of TV, settings, STB, etc. I had previously done many setups on LCDs without issue.

Edit by dosborne - CFL bulbs (Compact Fluorescent Light) are often the cause of this issue as well. In my experience it doesn't matter if you are using the original IR remote or the Harmony (880 at least). Switching to UHF obviously works as the technology is completely different.

IR extenders seem to be quite susceptible. If they have an "eye" that flashes when they receive a signal, you can often see the eye flashing full time.

Some Pace units seem to be encountering an IR code issue - not interference, but same codes. See following thread.

Pace 770D / Sharp Aquos Remote Issue - Canadian TV, Computing and Home Theatre Forums

Similar thread in the plasma forum - this is not isolated to LCDs, although the issue is more common with them.

Note, sometimes the problem can arise as a combination of any of the above - for example, sunlight and TV combined may be worse than one or the other alone... This issue can also harm the STB.

IR repeaters/extenders can be affected in the same way and I've even found them to be more susceptible.

This problem has been seen many times. It was most evident when BTV made a firmware change, as outlined in the following thread.

9242: Firmware update V184 (Jan 19, 2010) Please read post 1 for IR Spray Issue - Canadian TV, Computing and Home Theatre Forums

Random changes on BTV/Telus Sat STBs can also be due to neighbours. Change the remote address and/or remove the UHF antenna.

Change the batteries in the remote and make sure you don't have any sticky buttons on the remote.

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