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post #46 of 93 (permalink) Old 2008-09-26, 10:52 AM
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1 - Will I be able to restore all saved game progress in Rockband to the new HDD after the new firmware load? I heard a lot of conflicting information around rockband saves and the ability or lack thereof for porting the saved games etc.
If you do a backup then restore to the new HDD in the PS3 everything (pictures, movies, music, games saves, game data) will all be there.
2 - Is it as simple as formatting a FAT32 new hdd and putting it in and then choosing to import the saved data (from external usb 2.0 drive, won't be original ps3 60gb of course)? (After firmware upgrade I'll do this)
You don't have to do pre-formatting of the drive you're going to put into the PS3. When you put in a new drive in the PS3 and start it up it will ask you to format. Then all you have to do it is go to system preferences and under Backup there is a Restore option. Select the USB drive you backuped to and wait.
3 - Any other considerations/potential issues anyone think I should be aware of? I think what makes my upgrade a bit different is the fact I have to wipe and start from default firmware. Now I imagine this will already be done, so I just won't backup any user settings, so not to import them to newly installed drive and firmware)
The firmware is stored in the flash memory. If you have 2.42 on your PS3 now you will have it when you boot up with the new HDD.
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post #47 of 93 (permalink) Old 2008-10-31, 06:03 PM
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Thanks for the comments Eclipz!
Very much appreciated
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post #48 of 93 (permalink) Old 2008-11-03, 01:46 PM
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Just wondering if anyone here is using a 7200 RPM drive in their PS3?
I'm looking at either the Seagate Momentus 7200.3 or the WD Scopio Black, both in 320GB size. Would the 7200RPM drives be generating a lot of heat vs their 5400 RPM counterparts? Enough to cause issues or noise levels to increase vastly? Thanks for any opinions you guys can provide.
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By all accounts, the 7200rpm drives don't provide any speed increases. Yet, they definitely run relatively hotter (means nothing if your PS3 is ventilated like it should be). Seems there's no point. Save your money. Get a 5400 drive and spend the extra coin on some other gadget.
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post #50 of 93 (permalink) Old 2008-11-03, 04:02 PM
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The thing is, these drives also have 16MB cache, which would be advantageous based on what I've read here. In terms of ventilation, my console is in a wide open space, so it should be fine as is.
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post #51 of 93 (permalink) Old 2008-11-03, 06:02 PM
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Definitely no advantage to a 16mb cache. Just reading on the PS boards and perhaps the initial install times for games/demos are a few seconds better. It's your money, but the money is better spent on anything else.
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post #52 of 93 (permalink) Old 2008-11-03, 06:45 PM
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Well for money has never been a big issue when it comes to technology, but I guess if the 7200 RPM drives are going to cause more heat, and therefore more noise from the PS3, then I would be better off sticking to 5400 RPM since I am a stickler for noise.
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post #53 of 93 (permalink) Old 2008-11-17, 12:48 PM
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I am going to change my HDD as my 60 Gb unit had to go into Sony for repair. I figure now is as good a time to upgrade. I wasn't able to do an update before I had to send it in as is was freezing so I will likley be starting from scratch anyway.
A friend of mine who is a computer tech guy says that they make the 7200much better than they used to that heat isn't an issue. Just make sure your PS3 vents get vacuumed out as they will all gobble up a bit of dust.

Not sure if that is the case or not, just another perspective.
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post #54 of 93 (permalink) Old 2008-11-17, 01:36 PM
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I already upgraded to a 320GB 5400RPM drive, and it's fine to me I guess, it could just be a placebo, but I find the new drive is quieter and produces less heat than the segate that the PS3 came from as my PS3 fans don't kick into high gear as easily as they used to. I'd say go with the 7200 RPM drive anyway since really you're not going to be paying that much more for it.
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post #55 of 93 (permalink) Old 2008-12-01, 09:55 PM
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I upgraded tonight to a seagate 320 Gig, 7200 Rpm drive. Seems to be running quiet and cool. I couldn't believe how easy it was. About 5 minutes tops. And that was with me unhooking all the cables so i could do it on the kitchen table. Doing the backup was what took the time.

seriously consider this as an option if you are interested. It isn't hard. really.
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post #56 of 93 (permalink) Old 2008-12-02, 07:39 PM
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I actually had a really tough time getting one of the screws off of the original HDD, aside from that, it was a sinch.
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post #57 of 93 (permalink) Old 2008-12-30, 10:47 AM
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I did the upgrade last night, and as everybody here has said, it's simple. You just need a couple of tools, and depending on the amount of stuff saved, a USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive.

So, I picked up a 320GB Seagate Momentus 7200RPM drive last night for $98. Knowing that I had a lot of saved stuff on my PS3 (game saves, downloads, Rock Band songs) I prepped my USB hard drive. The PS3 will only read FAT or FAT32, so I put a 32GB FAT32 partition on the drive and plugged it in to the PS3.

In the System Menu, I selected Backup System and directed the backup to the USB drive (PS3 asks if you would like to back up your system to an external device). After about 45 minutes, the backup was complete, and I was able to shut everything down and replace the drive.

After unplugging ALL of the cables, I opened the Hard Drive cover on the bottom of the PS3 with a flathead screwdriver, and saw the HD drawer screwed in with a single blue phillips head screw. Undid the screw, and then pulled the latch to free the drive from the unit.

I then undid the 4 phillips head screws to detach the drive from the mount, put the new drive on, and then put the screws back. I then reattached the drive to the PS3, put back the blue screw, replaced the cover, and that's it!

When the PS3 booted up, it told me that the drive had not been formatted, and asked if I would like to format now. After the format, it rebooted, and everything was up and running.

However, my goal in putting a 320GB drive into my PS3 was to install Linux, so I actually formatted the drive again, allotting 10GB for an 'Other OS'. Again, quick reformat, reboot, and I was back. I then re-attached my external USB drive, and using the same method, restored my data back to my new drive, again taking about 45 minutes. After one last reboot, my system looked like it hadn't been touched! All my games were there, even my theme was re-applied!

I then went along with the Linux install, and while I DO have Linux in and running, I'm having some problems with it recognizing the wireless, and getting 1080p resolution, but those are challenges for tonight.
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I succesfully installed a Toshiba 320 Gb drive into my PS3 last night. I do not have a computer background (they didn't exist when I went to school!!) but the process was easy. However I came across a couple of differences to some of the experiences and the tutorial of earlier posts.

My PS3 was a 40Gb model, about 9 months old or so.
First difference was that there was no sliding of the drive to the side, the drive was mounted such that upon release of the blue screw, it just pulled straight out, the connectors being on the side of the drive furthest away from the handle.
The screws holding the drive in its frame were very easy to undo. I used a Canadian tire precision screwdriver (for electronics), which worked very well.
Pushed the new drive in, closed the hatch and fired her up.
Cue sick feeling to stomach.......

" The system software cannot be run correctly. Press the PS button to try to restart the system.
If the system cannot be restarted, the system partition of the hard disk must be reformatted and you must reinstall the system software.
Insert storage media that contains update dataof version 2.53 or later and then press START and SELECT at the same time"

This kind of freaked me out a bit, I expected it to be all automatic from my research. I pressed the PS button, only to return to this screen again. So I then went to my computer and downloaded the update data to my backup stick, folowed the instructions and off it went, happily reformatting. Once reformatted I restored from my backup file (just short of 8Gb), had a look round and everything seemed to be back as I remember.
System info showed 257GB of 298GB free.

Hope this helps anyone out there thinking of giving it a go, like I said I am an over 40 yr old non computer geek, and it was simple to do. Total time from start to finish was 55 minutes, including back up and restore.

Regards to all
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I've held off on swapping my orig 80 gig drive for a high speed SSD. I have my eye on the Intel X-25 series, but the OCZ Apex series looks good as well. The prices are continously dropping for the high speed drives. Right now you can get an Apex 120 gig for about $400... Give me 200+ gig at those speeds for that price and I'll bite
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Would an SSD drive actually be faster in a PS3? I mean, for games or loadup times, etc?
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