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post #16 of 164 (permalink) Old 2006-11-20, 01:39 PM
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My reccomendations are as follows:

The wife:
Download the original Mario for I think 200 points. Its the oldschool first one for the NES. I'm sure she will get a kick out of that. Wii sports also has you covered here, as well as WarioWare. It's got a bunch of minigame things on there thats designed to really show off what you can do with the Wii controller.

For your kid:
The best games are probably Excite Truck and Rayman: Raving Rabids. Excite truck is simple enough that I watched a 5 year old review it on youtube. He claimed it was easier and funner to play than the PS3 or 360 controllers. Rayman is another game full of minigames but their more designed for the children in the family. Games like cow tossing and I think theres one where you clap hands with a character or something. Not sure on that one I haven't played the game but it seems to be more for the kids.

For you:
Zelda. Zelda. Zelda. Did I mention Zelda?
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The Wii is a blast.

Got one yesterday, and spent 4 plus hours playing, have not done that in a long time.

My kids are 4 and 7, and have been playing Gamecube for a year or so, so its a plus being able to use these games as well.

Last night, went to visit the grandparents, and brought along the Wii.

Grandma was bowling with my son (the 4 year old), and at first thought she would let him win, but then it got serious, and she had to beat him.

He loves the Tennis.

Left the house this morning, and the kids where up playing Zelda, and doing some boxing, so yes the game will get some use.

Picked up Rayman: Raving Rabbits yesterday, have not tried it yet.

Nintendo has done a great job with this unit, simple, effective, interactive, and NOT expensive compared to the rest.

PS - it looked on the grandparents Hitachi 42"
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Originally Posted by QuantumFluxx View Post
The wife:
Download the original Mario for I think 200 points.
thanks for the reply. how do you get points? I have never had Nintendo and probably the last time I played was SNES.

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JUst beware of http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=35853

Hard time believing the Wiimote can crack a screen. Funny nonetheless
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post #20 of 164 (permalink) Old 2006-11-20, 02:49 PM
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Go to bestbuy/fs pick up a wii pts card 2000 points for $30.00.Or buy the points right from the vc.
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post #21 of 164 (permalink) Old 2006-11-20, 03:05 PM
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cool. are these downloaded from the net? I don't have a router so how does that work?

sorry for ?'s but I really don't know anything about this. I was a hardcore GranTurismo on PS and PS2 player and Civilization player on PC......that's about it.
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post #22 of 164 (permalink) Old 2006-11-20, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by QuantumFluxx View Post
My problem with the system, is the wireless internet. I don't know if it hates my router or what, but I've crashed the system once because it froze waiting for a signal from it to connect to the Wii Shopping Channel. It also took me 20 minutes to download the system update. Don't know if thats because 1.5million people were downloading it at the time, or if its still my router. When I first hooked it up, it wasn't even getting signal from my router, had to reset it.
What kind of router? I initially had difficuly downloading the updates, but when I changed my wireless channel from 6 to 1, it downloaded super fast! You might want to check that out!
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post #23 of 164 (permalink) Old 2006-11-20, 03:59 PM
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Picked up my Wii preorder yesterday.
I had the Zellers preorder with Excite Truck and Rayman.
I also bought (preordered from EBGames) 2 extra wiimotes, 1 extra nunchuk (still need one... I found it odd zellers had 10 extra wiimotes and no nunchucks), 1 virtual controller (still need one more). 4000 points, Super Monkey Ball, and of course Zelda (yes... the so called 'cheap' system has already run me close to $800!!!)

I ordered the component cables for my 37" Aquos LCD last week from Nintendo. Says they were to ship today (fingers crossed). (and as they are in Richmond, and I’m in Nanaimo, I hope they are quick!)

Setup was simple, and the sensor bar attached to the top of my TV without trouble. It is quite discreet, and looks fine.

I was very scared of how the PQ would fare. When I plugged my gamecube into my LCD last year, it looked so terrible that I just left it on my 27" Hitachi CRT instead.

I am pleased to say (although I can’t reason why) that the Wii looks MUCH better than the gamecube did. It actually looks good (much to my amazement... I really expected to be disappointed). Now I really can't wait to get the component cables and get rocking in 480p widescreen. (I have it set as 480i widescreen now).

I had the WiFi USB connector from my DS (I don’t have a wireless router). I am happy to say connecting the Wii to the internet was a breeze. It took 2 separate updates which took about 2 minutes each to download. I bought SuperMario64 and FZero from the Store. Worked like a charm. I even made a Mii for me and my Wife.

Generally I like the background sounds and such.

I found the Wiimote was MUCH improved by setting the sensitivity to the highest level (I also have a wireless keyboard/mouse in the room, and a 5.4GHZ phone... not sure if they make a difference). It worked at the default, but when making small fine control movements it had a tendency to jitter about. It seems to work great once I adjusted the sensitivity.

As this is my Christmas present, which my Kids are going to give me this year, I had to wait ALL DAY LONG until they went to bed to be able to try it out. Then my wife wanted to watch Amazing Race. But come 10pm, I was all about the Wii. lol.

The only games I tried were Wii Sports, and Monkey Ball (I want to wait till I get component cables to play Zelda and Rayman... off topic... one web review said rayman didn’t do 480p, even though the manual said it would. Anyone experience this for themselves?).

Wii Sports was quite fun. Me and my wife played a bunch of Tennis and Bowling. Were a little unimpressed with Golf (too simple), and I didn’t yet try Boxing or Baseball (need the wife to love it, so I’m basically gonna play whatever she wants for now )
I really loved in bowling how you add spin to the ball... very addictive.
Tennis was awesome too.. once we got some good back and forth volleying going. Wii Sports obviously lacks depth, but I am sold on the new control scheme.

Monkey Ball was fun-ish. We beat the first 8 levels. Haven’t yet tried the mini games. The control system is incredibly clever, however I found the graphics to be pretty sub par (and this is someone who is content, but not impressed, that the Wii is not HDTV capable). I really want the component cables!

I cant wait to spend more time with the Wii, but so far so good. Holding the Wiimote and pointing at the screen was totally natural and satisfying.

Bottom line: The Wii is poised to be the best system in the history of gaming... IF IF IF the developers can make really good games, which go beyond the gimmick of the Wiimote. I have high hopes, and am sure they won't disappoint. I think this system will really come into its own after a year or two when the game devs really unlock the potential (look at the slow start the DS was off too.. now the games just keep getting better and better).

btw ... EBgames and Zellers sell the points card for $25


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You can get some points by either purchasing a 2000 point card from almost any gaming store, or directly from the Virtual Console marketplace by using a credit card. It's 10 USD for 1000 points. It's actually 500 points apparently for the NES games. 800 for the SNES. 1000 for the N64 and I forget the Genesis cost.

You can connect one of two ways, the first and easiest method is wirelessly. If you have a wireless router the Wii will detect it and hook right up without ever having to worry about placement away from the router. Or you can use the USB wireless adapter that came out some time ago for use with the DS. The wired route I'm not so sure about. It has the option, but theres no ethernet port on the console itself. There is however two USB slots on the back, which I assume you can use to attatch some sort of Wii wired network card port?
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post #25 of 164 (permalink) Old 2006-11-20, 05:01 PM
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So I may be SOL for awhile? All I have is the HS modem.

The wife would love some mario.

When you download where does it store the game?
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post #26 of 164 (permalink) Old 2006-11-20, 05:39 PM
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The game downloads are stored to the Wii's internal flash memory. It has 512MB worth in there for game saves and virtual console titles. Now SUPPOSEDLY you're also supposed to be able to put in an SD card and save games and virtual console titles to that. But I have been seeing problems with doing anything other than picture and music from the SD card. I don't have any of the virtual console games myself, I'm waiting for some better titles like Zelda: ocarina of time(pleeeeeeease release master quest, I didnt get that gamecube disc), and zelda: link to the past for the SNES. Perhaps some better mario games like the one for SNES and paper mario or mario rpg or something. Also to note that mario game I was telling you about, apparently it is the ORIGINAL mario game where you play as luigi and mario and duke it out in a single level hitting blocks and stuff. The arcade game. Though i'm sure the original NES mario game with bowser and such will hit there soon. Their supposed to be adding new console titles every week.
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post #27 of 164 (permalink) Old 2006-11-20, 05:40 PM
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It stores on the console, however you can add memory later via SD cards (and hopefully external USB in the future).

They will have a "wired" option available in the new year (i think its a type of LAN adapter that will plug into the Wii, and you will hook that up to your modem)
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well just got it today. hopefully will test it out tonight.

I am not into too many games so this is the most for the 5yr and wife. I do like racing games but the one out with a steering wheel didin't look very good. ANy others coming out?

for kids the guy at FS said spongebob, rayman, happy feet
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post #29 of 164 (permalink) Old 2006-11-20, 09:37 PM
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WOW!!! Is there anyone who doesn't like the Wii?
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Has anyone played Madden on the Wii?

Any information on how that works and if it works good would be appreciated.

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