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"The new show has been ordered for six episodes, and will introduce a completely new set of characters. The coolest part: In an effort to make the show interactive (and, I'm guessing, to squash what is going to be some griping by "Heroes" fans who are unhappy that the original show won't return in September), NBC will ask fans to vote on which is the new characters is their favorite, and that character will then become a regular cast member on the original series."

Given the high quality of Heroes, I'm more than happy to give the spinoff a try. Although there are two things that disappoint: an all-new cast (I'd like to see at least one or two from the original -- Hiro definitely!), and the fact that Heroes won't be back in September. Personally, I'd forgo the spinoff just to get the original back as soon as possible. But I am intrigued.


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