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Originally Posted by Kaphyr View Post
About TV, a model like yours (a lot like mine) is considered to have a resolution about 800 x 540P. No, it's not 1080i. The signal in 1080i is only accepted. So, this is still very close to a DVD resolution. ..........

It's quite normal that you don't see a big difference with full HD stuff, but, believe me, the difference is quite obvious on a Full HD TV.
Thank you Kaphyr for a great explanation.

I agree that my CRT will not provide much better resolution than 800 X 540P.

I once counted 850 colour bars across and the next generation Sony has around 1400.

I have my TV patched for the infamous "Sony scrolling vertical bar at 1080" bug which means that the TV signal passes completely through the chassis in the analog domain, so if 1080i is coming in from the Illico at the components inputs of the TV, then that is what goes to the CRT final drive electronics, assuming that each odd frame is one line delayed in time compared to the even frames. So I may see 1080 lines of resolution vertically, but the beam spot is not that sharp and there is phosphor bleeding down the continuous aperature grill.

However, if I turn on the ZOOM in the Illico, I can see quickly if there is more resolution in the transmission than I would normally see with my lower resolution CRT. That way I know better if I am getting the HD resolution that I am paying for, even if I can't enjoy it.

Someday I will own a Full 1920 fixed pixel monitor and it would be nice to know ahead of time that Videotron has already created a distribution system that delivers full HD resolution even if there is pixelation due to compression. Fast moving action is going to suffer from compression, but slow moving images from VOD HD rentals should look as nice as Blu-Ray. If that doesn't happen, then I will want to rent Blu-Ray movies and forget about Videotron.

One solution for Videotron might be to allow customers to download higher density HD content in advance for storage on the PVR, so when it is time to playback, the equivalent of a 25 GB Blu-Ray movie is waiting to be viewed.

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