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Originally Posted by 57 View Post
2. DVDs are a consumer format and cannot be used by business.
3. If it was labelled as HD, then it probably was HD.
Thanks for your answer. It is comforting to know that I was not being short changed in quality even if my TV does not allow me to fully appreciate the SD HD difference.

Originally Posted by 57 View Post
On your TV, there may simply not be a huge difference between a DVD and HD. Movies, shot on film often look "smooth" therefore your eye may not perceive a "sharpness" difference between HD and DVD, even though there is more detail on the HD.
Given the investment that must be made by consumers to acquire Blu-Ray or HD DVD, I assume people would not do this if they did not immediately perceive an advantage in picture quality when viewing movies compared to the equivalent product on DVD.

Apart from the problems related to compression during transmission over Videotron's coax, can one assume that the Videotron HD VOD rental will be nearly as impressive as Blu-Ray when viewed on a Full 1080 monitor? If so, that would justify the extra $2 premium on the HD VOD rental.

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