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If I'm not mistaken, IPTV or IPTV-like variations -- as represented by MTS, SaskTel, Bell ExpressVu TV for Condos, Aliant TV, Telus TV (in approx. order of launch) -- have been in market since 2003. If you allow for a couple of years to get organised, then maybe you can say the product has been in market by these companies, to paying consumers able to make an informed choice of this kind of TV vs cable or satellite -- for about two years.

If you apply the same metric to the launch of satellite, I think you'll find IPTV is WAY, WAY behind.

Satellite customers: 1997 - 3,912; 1998 - 224,689; 1999 - 550,773

You could argue that 2007 is really 1999 for IPTV in Canada but, clearly, this technology is being embraced MUCH slower by consumers and providers.
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