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Seen the demo but is HD-DVD pq really that much better?


I've seen the toshiba demonstrations on their players at BB/FS. When i saw charlie & chocolate factory hd-dvd @ costco on a 57" sharp aquos, i wasn't overly impressed. i watched several scenes. i couldn't notice any significant difference. was it just the movie? or do i need to see one in the proper environment, etc?

I have a 56" panny lcd projection at home. i have the expressvu hd package, and pretty well strictly watch HD. i rarely rarely rarely go outside of the 800-850 channels.

that being said, after watching my old 4:3 sony 41" projection tv for 13 years, i find that regular dvd quality looks fantastic to me. am i going to notice a substantial difference in picture quality going with an hd-dvd player? i am kinda toying with the idea of picking up one of the 360 add-on units this weekend just to try it out. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

(ps the 360 isn't mine, its the roommates, so while it'd be cheaper right now, in the long run it won't end up costing me anymore than buying a toshiba stand-alone unit.)

pps, anyone who has watched a number of titles, any suggestions on what will really show off the improvement would be appreciated.

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On my 34" CRT, the difference is quite noticeable.

Not only is it the level of detail (think broadcast HD, but slightly better), but also the nearly complete lack of artifacting. On DVD and broadcast HD, often times you can see some focal digital artifacting, but on most good HD DVDs, that's completely absent.

P.S. I wasn't overly impressed with that Toshiba setup at Best Buy either, especially depending on the movie.
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don't really understand the questiuon.... if you get HD-DVD or Blue Ray, it's going to look like the movies you watch on your HD channels, so you can make the comparison right there. don't pay attention to the displays at stores, they are too dependent on their setup (which is very different form yours). if you borrow a 360, try DLing some of the hi-def trailers. they look pretty good. i was in kinda the same boat as you; i first got HD-broadcasts, but then got the HD-DVD 360 addon and it's amazing. but then, i never considered regular DVDs to look fantastic, at least not since upgrading to a 56" 1080p set.

of course, HD broadcasts vary in PQ, but the BR and HD-DVDs will generally look like the better broadcasts.
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For me the worst HD-DVD equal most of the best broad cast HD and the best discs are much better than anything broadcast. Higher bit rates and no artifacts better sound. This comparing movies to movies not video like Discovery HD which has a different look.

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not all displays are actually showing true HD-DVD

Also be aware the alot of Best Buy's (especially here in Ontario) have the HD-DVD display setup with the DVD's displayed on the bottom and a Toshiba tv.... but if you look closely the DVD player is actually a normal upconverter DVD player from Toshiba and not the HD-DVD player from Toshiba (because they have none in stock)..........I have been to three Best Buy's here in Ontario and they all have the same set-up.....HDTV Toshiba set, HD-DVD's on display below the tv and a DVD player play that is not a HD-DVD player and thus not really showing the movie in HD.........


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post #6 of 28 (permalink) Old 2006-12-29, 12:19 AM
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After recently buying Chronicles of Riddick on HDDVD and finally seeing tonight all I can say is wow. I have the standard DVD and thought it looked good on my 57 inch WV700 Sony with the XBox add on player. The fine detail was even sharper than PBS Soundstage which is one of the best broadcast HD shows out there which is on right now for comparison. I can't wait to go 1080p front projector now.
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post #7 of 28 (permalink) Old 2006-12-30, 12:36 AM
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The 360 add on should come with King Kong which many say is reference quality. Batman Begins is also highly regarded.
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post #8 of 28 (permalink) Old 2006-12-30, 08:09 PM
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I just bought the XBox360 HD Player and a bunch of movies. This is to go along with my 42" Samsung Plasma Panel. They look awesome. I have the HD Movie Central on my cable package and these look a lot better. Cleaner picture and better sound quality. I am pretty happy with the purchase.
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Finally got home from the Xmas travels and hooked up the HD-DVD player to the Xbox360.

First up, a comparison between the two versions of King Kong. I had the movies synced and switched back and forth. I'm not saying anything new when I say that the HD-DVD version was considerably better.

Next up was Batman Begins. Very nice.
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Versus regular DVD a good HD-DVD sample like Kong is noticably better looking. Something like Good Fellas is only a wee bit better. So buy accoridingly. Indie films can be bought cheap on DVD and big budget effect films can be bought on next gen.

Don't under-estimate the value of the extras. HD-DVD spec calls for two video decoders. Extra features can play in little pop-up windows - very cool.

I have a 1920*1080 LCD and did some testing and found there to be a pretty big difference between 720p and 1080 on my set (i suspect it doesn't do downscaling very well). I have the 360 HD-DVD.

So far Blu Ray is underwelming me (I have a PS3).
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haha i KNOW i made this thread quite a while ago... i now have a ps3 and a toshiba a1.

i actually can't watch regular dvd's anymore, all i see is pixelation and crap image and i just find them wholeheartedly unsatisfying now.

as for which format is better to my eye? i'm still undecided. Though Ice Age 2 on blu-ray looked incredible.
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low quality DVDs can look pretty bad on a large screen, but I wouldn't call a decent or better DVD unwatchable. HD-DVD is a big step forward where it looks as if it were real but I don't have problems watching regular dvds. I certainly will not be replacing my dvds with hd versions.

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Animation looks great even in B&W.

I don't have a problem with SD DVDs. Still happy but more happy with HD.
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I notice there seems to be little discussion of top upscalers like the OPPO in this thread against going BR or HDDVD.

Bad DVDs are tough to watch on an HD set but a high end good transfer - Superbit for instance upscaled is very close to the HD movies ( sometimes better ) that Rogers puts on.

It is NOT however as good as a top broadcast HD feed.

I've heard satellite HD movie feeds are better but Rogers is coming with HD on demand. Now THAT's cool.

We almost opted for the pS3 but went to Wii instead so I don't have a BR for reference.

If the movie feeds on Rogers are any indicator I'm in no hurry for either .

Can anyone discuss technically how the movies are being transferred into an HD format and what the pitfalls are of that transfer.

Overall I find the OPPO upscaler with the 720p 50" Samsung pretty fine for movies.

How close to the HD movie feeds are the HD players??

I really don;t see spending more money at this point until perhaps SED hits. Then the really deep blacks might make the investment worth while.

My ¢2.
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There are lots of threads comparing HD to upscaled DVD.

For a true HD source, there is simply no comparison. The HD is always clearly better.

If a DVD (Superbit or other) looks better than a movie on an HD channel then the movie is not from an HD source. It is probably an SD source that has been zoomed and scaled for the HD channel.
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