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Exclamation SaskTel Digital Cable Box Hacked?

First off I must say that I am not looking to find out how to hack a cable box. I need to know if it's possible for someone to do this without the owners of the box knowing.

Someone (not my husband nor I) has rented movies from our SaskTel DB220 box. The thing is, they were rented when neither of us were home, and no one else has a key to our house, or the password to our cable box. My husband and I can prove that we weren't home at the times the movies were rented, a couple were rented when we weren't even in town. If we were at home renting movies at the times listed on our phone bills, we wouldn't have jobs.

I called SaskTel and of course they say that movies can only be rented through the cable box with the password we set. Is it possible for someone to have obtained our password, maybe through our phone line/internet set up without us even knowing?

I'm not a very technologically savy person, so I'm looking for people's thoughts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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