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I'm not sure what you're disagreeing with. I already wrote: "assuming you've tried increasing font and icon sizes". I think we're agreeing that he should try that first.

If that isn't sufficient, then he's better off getting a monitor that is comfortably readable for him at its native resolution. Changing an LCD monitor's resolution to anything other than its native resolution will always result in a degraded image. That's simply the nature of LCD technology.
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Well one suggestion you might want to consider is for when reading those newspapers or web pages there is a little know function that if you hold down the "ctrl" button and scroll your mouse wheel it will zoom in web pages and enlarge them for you.

TBD yet again :)
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I love my NEC ASLCD22WMGX widescreen monitor especially with an nVidia 8800GTX 756MB video card, running at 1680x1050...lol....but then my place looks like the bridge on the Starship Enterprise, beam me up Scotty!

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OK, I am running at native resolution of 1920 x 1200. Yes I can make type larger or smaller by holding Conrol and rolling mouse wheel. But only in my WordPerfect documents so far. Newspapers are fixed and I have text size set to maximum which is close to being unreadable. How do I change desktop icon size? Making the icons larger would be a great help I think Great to see so many getting involved but any fights that break out after the bar closes will have to handle themselves. I'm a lover not a fighter. sailmaker
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Another thing to keep in mind is that there are bigger and smaller monitors with the same native resolution. On the bigger monitor, the text will be bigger than on the smaller one, without any loss of clarity. For example, here are two widescreen models, both having native resolution 1920 x 1200:

LG 25.5" w2600h-pf
Samsung 24" 2463UW

The text on the 25.5'' LG will always be bigger, although both will display the exact same amount of information and with the same clarity.
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>>>How do I change desktop icon size?<<<

If you are using Windows XP, go to Control Panel-->Display

Under "Appearance" you can adjust the desktop font size, and under "effects", under "use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts", choose cleartype, and select "use large icons".

Also, you can go to the settings tab, advanced button and go to the general tab. Go to DPI settings and choose custom setting. You will see ruler - drag it until it shows an inch as being an inch long (or whatever measurement system you use).

Play with the different setting until you find what works for you.

Hope this helps
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scampbell: I had gone thru much of those settings past 24 hours or so and had made some changes but your fine tuning of other setting changes has brought me much closer to what I am striving for. Many thanks for your staying with me. That is quite a crowd behind me holding my hand. That light at the end of the tunnel is success, not a fast freight train! Again, thanks to all. Are we having fun yet? sailmaker
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You need to play with the various settings and how they affect each other (you might not want to change both the DPI and the font/icon sizes).

Most of it is personal preference as to what is important to you. Some programs might not like it when you change those settings.

Also, to zoom in your web-browser, try "Control +" to zoom in and "Control -" to zoom out. Firefox 3 does a nice job of zooming the whole page proportionally.
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I have a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse and one of the heretofore unused keys was the zoom key (a magnifying glass with a + inside). Control and + or - does not work on any page, it just indicates where the mouse pointer is no matter how I reprogram it. But it does zoom in or out on some newspapers such as NY Times, LA Times, etc. but not on Toronto Star and not on several other papers I tested. So one more vexing problem sort of solved. Stay with me folks. sailmaker
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Speaking of Magnafiying glass, there is a function in xp that does just that.

start-all programs-accessories-accessablity then choose Magnifier.

This fuction might make the rest of your reading easier. If the option is not there it can be installed from the add remove programs window as well

TBD yet again :)
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Maybe it is time to close out this particular posting. We gave it a good run for the money didn't we folks? I am now at the point where I can live with what I have set up, thanks entirely to all the kind and interested people who came to help and stayed around.
The one thing I would like to make larger is the solitaire game from Windows and several variations of same that I purchased on a CD some years ago. Not too big but maybe cover 1/2 the screen width. sailmaker
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The myth of width: When wide screens don't work

A related story for anyone still interested in this topic: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-...ml?tag=nl.e404

One thing though, I just got a 24" wide screen monitor for work, and it just fits under my desk top shelf. Just how tall would a 4x3 formatted monitor need to be for equivalent screen space? I think too tall.


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I just bought a new 23" widescreen Dell monitor for work. There was a deal for$170.

Well, I plugged it into the onboard VGA of my Dell Optiplex 170L and the computer actually couldn't go as high as the native res of 1980x1020!! I updated all drivers, firmware, etc, etc.

So I had to run out and buy a separate video card.....a PCI FX5200. PCI, because this Optiplex doesn't have a PCI-e or AGP slot.

I plugged it all in, and then I figured I'd use the DVI connection..... Guess what, the EVGA Gefore FX5200 can't do 1980x1020 over DVI!! But I can get 1980x1020 with the analog connection. Thank goodness.

The reason I posted this here is because it goes to show why people shouldn't just run out and buy LCD's without doing some research first. The issue I usually research for the older people at work is to make sure the native res isn't going to be too tiny to read. I know people who have widescreen LCD's set to 1024x768 because anything smaller is too hard to read, and they ignore the "fat" effect.
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Trying Powerstrip might well help the situation without an addon video card but there are very bad onboard graphics (like some SiS chipsets) that doesn't support anything but 1024x768, 1280x1024,etc.

There is one sadder truth - if your GPU doesn't do 1920x1080, it's probably too old to play any 1080p content - which is what these newer 16:9 display are for and will shine.

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IIRC, Optiplex 170L uses Intel onboard graphics that is good only for MSOffice and an occasional DVD.
If the CPU is around 2.8 GHz you might be able to play 720p DRM-less (MKV) video without DXVA.

PowerStrip could never handle Intel video, AFAIK.
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