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post #91 of 119 (permalink) Old 2008-08-07, 10:30 PM
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Thanks, folks, for everyone's input.

I ended up buying the ASUS eeePC 901 for $599 at a local Toronto dealer I trust. I'm actually pretty impressed after around 10 days of use.

Specs: abt 2 lbs; 8.9" 1024x600 screen; wireless and Bluetooth built in; Windows XP; full Office Suite (Star, not MS); ATOM multi-threaded CPU; cam; microphone; fully solid state (12 GB storage but no hard drive); 6 hr min battery life (it's rated at 8 hrs). Footprint is about 10" by 7" (think "clutch purse") -- with a keyboard smaller than normal but a full laptop mousepad. It's ideal for travelling -- provided you have a wireless connection. It's small enough (I think) to fit in a typical hotel room safe; definitely will fit on an airline food tray with room to spare for a glass of wine (or sparkling soda depending on the turbulence).

Critical attributes for me were NO hard drive; small and light; Windows XP or Vista; "low" price. With a (separate purchase) Bluetooth mouse and headset, it's a complete travel tool. It plays flawless streams of widescreen Dvix video around the house from my desktop. It's way easier to have by the TV to surf stuff instead of a whacking big laptop -- so it's getting use outside of travel. And with USB flash drives coming down in price and going up in capacity (8 GB drives are already under $30), it's very flexible.

I did look at the Fujitsu U800 -- but the screen is smaller and there are extras like a fingerprint reader, touch screen, hard drive which I didn't want ... and tipping the $1000 price point. Also, the power brick is pretty bulky; the ASUS is just 2.5 x 3.5 x 8 cm.

The Wind also looked pretty good but I really like the trade-offs.
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post #92 of 119 (permalink) Old 2008-08-12, 01:07 PM
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ASUS Eee Box B202

Have any of you played with one of these yet? It's a miniPC for around $350 that screws onto the back of any VESA LCD monitor, streams HD video via wireless N, and runs on Windows XP. Moreover, there's digital audio output and DVI. The memory and storage can be upgraded with notebook components. The processor is Intel Atom.
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post #93 of 119 (permalink) Old 2008-08-13, 08:52 AM
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Personally, I prefer a netbook over a small box. I can carry it with me anytime I want to and I don't have to connect anything to it for it to be usable. Also, a netbook can be hooked up to a bigger monitor via the VGA interface. Add a bluetooth or wifi mouse and keyboard and you basically have the equivalent of the Eee Box.

A netbook is great for watching streamed video anywhere around the house. I have been streaming mp3s, H.264, xVid, DivX, raw DVD rip videos from my desktop to it and the netbook plays them just fine. I also stream video from my STB via a Slingbox PRO to it.
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post #94 of 119 (permalink) Old 2008-08-13, 01:19 PM
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Cyclo, I agree with you about the adaptability of a netbook; my daughter has an EEEpc and she runs it as a frontend for Mythbuntu hooked up to backend desktop connected via firewire to Motorla HD box and it works great. She takes it everywhere, too. However, I'm in my 50s and the screens are a bit small for my aging eyes so I plan to attach it to Vesa mount on the back of big LCD screen in family room so I can stream torrents via draft N from my NAS. Aesthetics are also an issue; it's the size of a paperback. It's not much more money than an extender -- I have a netgear EVA8000 -- yet not as limited in functionality. I might wait for the Linux version, though; I could replace XP with Ubuntu but the wireless adapter, draft N, might not have a suitable Linux driver. At least it isn't operating on Vista.
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post #95 of 119 (permalink) Old 2008-08-19, 01:24 PM
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I just got the EEEPC 1000 yesterday. It's pretty neat and exactly what I'm looking for - a small but fully functional laptop. I encountered a problem getting WEP wireless going, but switched to WPA2 and worked fine. I was between this and the 901 but went for the 10" screen and slightly larger keyboard. It came to $608 after tax and shipping at NCIX.
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post #96 of 119 (permalink) Old 2008-08-19, 08:18 PM
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I have a problem with my EEE PC 701. If it stays on standby mode for too long, it forgets that there is a SDHC card in the card reader and it will display it as not being used.

I searched the net and it seems like the first batch of EEE PC's made had a faulty card reader. If I turn off the computer completely for a few hours without the card inserted, it will work once again with no problem. Anyone else have that problem?

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post #97 of 119 (permalink) Old 2008-08-23, 11:06 AM
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Anyone know how the Atom vs. VIA C-& processors compare, clock for clock?
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post #98 of 119 (permalink) Old 2008-08-25, 12:59 PM
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Raider, I don't know the technical comparison but the Atom is doing the job on the EEE Box 202. I have a wireless n connection to network storage and the 202 is streaming everything I throw at it: DVR-MS, MP4, MP2 and more. It is screwed to the back of 32inch LCD with Vesa mount, the size of a paperback, totally quiet, and has yet to crash or even hiccup. Two hour movies stream without any stumbles. Most files streamed well with wireless g but DVR-MS stuttered until I went to WPA encrypted wireless n.

I'm not crazy about the Asus add on gui but Windows XP was easy to configure out of the box. Considering it's about the same price as some extenders, with far more flexiblity and utility, I'm very pleased with it. It will take 2 gigs of sodimm DDR2 but comes with 1 gig and is running smoothly. The 2.5 inch 80 gig hard drive is limiting, perhaps, but on a network like mine, with 2 terabytes of storage, the limitation disappears. The sound is quite pleasing too: toslink cable to my Yamaha receiver with Polk surround bar. My wife is happy with the aesthetics too, as it can't be seen or heard, attached to back of LCD in a family room entertainment centre. I use a wireless rechargeable gyro mouse so it's easy to control the GUI from the sofa.

BTW, we don't watch much TV anymore, but there is a TiVo attached to the LCD too for capturing pedestrian commercial TV, like Law and Order, and our preferred BBC Canada stuff. For something like Mad Men, we stream a higher quality torrent on the EEE box, though.

The reviews say it won't play 1080P but it certainly plays 1080i/720p. that's great for a 32 inch screen and more than enough for commercial TV. I don't really need to see Sam Waterson's nose hairs.
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post #99 of 119 (permalink) Old 2008-08-25, 02:51 PM
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Think I will get the Eee 1000H with a later upgrade to 2gigs of RAM. I have a Seagate Momentus 7200rpm in another dead lappy that will gut. That should prove a decent upgrade. Trying get the whole deal under 600$. Need it for streaming videos, MS outlook and internets.
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post #100 of 119 (permalink) Old 2008-08-25, 09:45 PM
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2 terabytes of storage? Yikes! I'm an amateur! I'm still at 500 GB!

It's nice to know the Atom processor appears to hold its own in terms of processing power. And the Eee PC design sure appears to make it easy to integrate the machine just about anywhere. It'll be interesting to see the type of industrial applications where the computer could potentially be used.
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post #101 of 119 (permalink) Old 2008-08-30, 07:44 PM
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Quick follow-up on the ASUS EeePC 901 (see post #91 for first impressions).

Still loving it. I am consistently getting 5 to 7 hrs battery life, depending on whether I have wireless, bluetooth and bright LCD all cranked up.

It's very nicely designed and, as I get used to it, appreciate the handy features such as easy performance tools on the top row. I've just discovered the SD / SDHC reader capability. It easily reads pictures from a digital camera and, if one wanted to, can add a dedicated "hard drive" through this slot, adding up to 32 GB storage (16 GB SDHD cards are currently about $130).

Of course, it takes USB drives as well ... I saw 8 GB sticks for $20 at one of the big box electronic stores yesterday. That would store a heck of a lot of tunes for travelling.

You can even alter the orientation of the screen, making it vertical for reading e-books.
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post #102 of 119 (permalink) Old 2008-09-25, 08:42 PM
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A new edition of the Asus Eee PC 901 is coming out next month with HSDPA capability. That will allow you to use a wireless stick for around $30/mth and get 3G wireless service on this winning laptop. Bravo, again.
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post #103 of 119 (permalink) Old 2008-11-16, 10:38 AM
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I've noticed the local prices (in spite of the iccky Canadian dollar recently) of the ASUS EeePC 901 models are down about $100 -- to abt $499 instead of $599.

BTW, I added a $20 SDHD 8 GB card for additional storage (and security -- you can put all your files on it and store the card separately) and I was pleased that even a Class 4 card plays back video (Divx) flawlessly.

No sign of the HSPA models locally yet but they are now shipping in some markets. With a Rogers data plan, you can could use WiFi or HSPA cell networks and get up to 7 mbps. I am thinking of doing that, but I'd have to get a "Rocket" USB dongle because I have the "older" model 901.

I took the netbook on a business trip recently and found I could do all the office stuff I needed to but without lugging around a full-size laptop or the risk of sensitive files being transported and lost. Plus the 6 hr battery using wireless/bluetooth really does deliver; longer if you turn those resources off.

Gee! Five months with this toy and still in the honeymoon phase!
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Maybe I can get some help here. Dad has an Eee 900, with XP. The C drive has 4GB. That's the faster drive. The D drive has 8GB. And then there's the external drive on the SD card...another 16GB.

Ignoring the external drive....The C drive is full, mostly with just XP. The D drive only has 2GB used. I'd like to "transfer" 5GB of the D drive to the C drive. I'm picturing using some kind of partitioning program. But I don't want to reload programs on the computer.

I see a free program called Partition Logic on the net. Could I use this to accomplish what I want?
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post #105 of 119 (permalink) Old 2008-11-16, 11:32 PM
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Partitioning won't work, because both c: and d: actually refer to two separate physical drives. It's not one drive partitioned into two pieces.
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