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SSD apparently not bootable

So, between me and stepdaughter - she's better and quicker than me at the fiddly bits - we did migration to SSD on my older Gateway laptop. The SSD was obtained from Crucial USA but I had read a recommendation to use Partition Wizard's migrating function.

Initially looked as if Partition Wizard tool failed (when tried externally) and redid it with Crucial's tool but that looked to have failed too (externally) but once installed it did work, so the PW may have worked after all.

The Crucial SSD didn't seem too badly priced but by the time US$ was converted to Canadian $, delivery was added and then import fees were collected it was around $100 for 120gb. I discovered Amazon would have been a bit less with no import fees but there was still delivery from USA. Amazon Canada would have been free delivery but as is usual up here, the initial cost is more.

But while looking, I came across a Kingston version, same 120gb, and $55 all in. So let's try it on my old netbook and see if I can get some use from it. Worked a treat, although Crucial's tool recognised it as not being their disc so we used PW which worked well.

I ordered two more (240gb this time) for stepkids. The first was problematic, seemingly due to the way the HD had previously been partitioned. A bit of merging/deleting/whatever resolved that and it's okay.

But the last one doesn't want to play ball. The laptop sees it externally and it all looks like an exact copy. But when installed there is apparently nothing bootable.

We've tried recloning. EaseUs will apparently only allow cloning of parts of the HD. The option to migrate/clone the whole just is not enabled so cannot be selected. The only free one found so far that looks as if it will do it is Partition Wizard and while it looks like mission accomplished, we still get nothing bootable.

Any ideas as to what the problem may be?

The migrate to SSD has worked for a Gateway, 2 Dells but not for the HP one.
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If it's the original O/S, it's a good idea to locate or create the HP rescue media from the original disk before doing anything.

Disabling secure boot in the BIOS might help.

I would check to see if the system partition is active. Depending on the drive layout, that could be a small 100MB or 350MB system partition or the large Windows partition.

This might help. Free Kingston HDD to SSD Software

Macrium Reflect is the best drive backup/imaging/restore of the ones I've used recently. It has a drive cloning function. Creating USB flash drive rescue media to clone the disk may be the best option. It's a handy utility to have in case of emergencies.
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I suggested Macrium, having used it for something before but like a couple of others, the free one didn't have the needed feature enabled...something like that anyway.

Thanks for the Kingston link - given the SSD is Kingston I can't imagine why we didn't think of it. Maybe thought they were to cheap to have a site.
(actually that's easus and stepdaughter just said it needed payment)

Disabling secure that something that can be done easily in BIOS? And would that be just to get it to work and then enable it after?
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It's easy to do. Just need to find the option. Secure boot is not required. It's a "feature" to only allow certain operating systems like Windows to boot. It prevents other operating systems or maybe even unrecognized hardware to boot. It's good for big companies like Microsoft and HP and might increase security in some circumstances. It's usually a nuisance to end users. I turn it off and leave it off.
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Okay, thanks...we'll have a look.
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She said her laptop doesn't have secure boot, apparently too old.

May try it in my Acer - just a bit reluctant to take a 1TB HD out and replace it with a 240SSD - and if it works, get her a Crucial replacement.
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As I recall, FIRST I had to make sure that the new SSD was completely BLANK when Initializing using BIOS + then Windows Install Disc to build the "hidden" OEM/EFI Partition(s), etc., after which you can THEN use Gateway RESTORE Disc [or whatever] to rebuild the system. [There MIGHT be RESTORE Discs that don't REQUIRE Windows running before you use them????] That means ALL FREE Space and NOT already Partitioned by another computer. Of course, I had to do this using a different computer (I'm pretty sure I used COMPUTER MANAGEMENT Windows App....or maybe it was Partition Magic).

Antenna Simulations, Overload Calculations, etc:
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$100 for 120gb crazy expensive. Heck today $100 got you $480gb from Newegg Canada or Amazon.
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It depends on the NAND and form factor but I generally I agree. SSD drives seem to be constantly dropping in price. The going price seems to be about $0.40-$0.60 per GB in Canada. However, I wouldn't buy anything smaller than 250GB these days, 500GB for a Win10 laptop. NAND technology has changed a lot the past few years and better NAND is now cheaper.The last couple of drives I purchased were 250GB and 500GB 3D NAND Samsung drives. They're quite fast with very good all around specs. (They were also M.2 PCIe drives that's another story. The SATA models are just as good.) 3D NAND seems to be the best choice right now.

Companies are constantly dumping smaller SSD drives. Kingson drives are on sale at Newegg. I see a 120GB Kingston TLC SSD on sale for $40 and a 250GB for $63. Their 3D models are a little more expensive.
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Monsieur Rioux, the best choice may be to just locate or create the recovery media and perform a fresh installation on the new drive. The media should boot and install to the new drive regardless of how it is formatted. Just tell it to use the entire disk. Then pop the old drive in a USB drive dock or USB case to recover any user data. Another option would be to back up any user data ahead of time. But then that's been done on a regular basis, right?
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Monsieur Rioux: Also you may want to make sure you have the latest BIOS updates applied from your manufacturer.

Since you have no OS you will need to use a USB stick to copy the firmware update and update from the BIOS setup screen utilities.
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She's tried it three times on that particular SSD following the same procedure as two other Kingston SSD using Partition Wizard and one Crucial SSD using the Crucial tool (for three others).

After the process and while still connected, her HP laptop recognises the SSD and other than it being 240 rather than the 500 HDD, it appears all correct. Presumably it wouldn't look like that if it hadn't migrated properly so there seems to be some issue with her laptop which works fine in every other aspect, with the HDD.

On the point of size, none of us in the family have files as such. I used to have a load of downloaded movies/TV shows but they're now on an external drive. The others have games, many of them the same as on each others laptops. Backup and space isn't really an issue for us as there's little to back up and what there is happens to be readily available.

I started the experiment using 120 solely because my old Gateway and Acer laptops have no more than 70gb in use on each. I was interested to the difference.

If I migrate the HD from my Acer to the SSD and it works internally then we'll know there's something on the HP preventing it.
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Not sure what you mean about having no OS. It's all on the original HDD back in her laptop now that the SSD equivalent isn't booting.
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@ FrostyWinnipeg

Thanks for the advice regarding NewEgg - lots of cheap alternatives there. I thought I was being 'cheap' by buying Kingston ones.

Bizarrely, I saw somewhere that 250s were cheaper than 240s.
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Listen to ExDilbert. Do a clean install. Your drive should be fine when windows formats it for the first time. This way your not working with any old OS
problems. It easy to get off your old data. For further reference try to keep your data on One Drive, Google Drive or a stand alone USB drive. This way it makes it's so easy to reinstall the OS or to get a new hard drive.
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